Should I rank up my 5* professor X unawakened, my 6* sorcerer supreme rank 1, or my cap iw rank5 5*?

Lord_Proven_DrasticLord_Proven_Drastic Posts: 85
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I also have cable 6* rank 1 with 4* apoc for synergy. Also 6* BWDO. Who should I rank up out of all of them.
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  • What u guys think?
  • JuggerNotJuggerNot Posts: 431 ★★
    Is your Cap high sig? Are you comfortable with Prof X's playing style? If not then Cable is the best choice, assuming you don't mind bringing in a 4* apoc everywhere you go. Sorcerer has lots of utility and BWDO is high damage and lots of fun.
  • Cap has no sig. I’m good with prof x. I don’t really want apoc unless I get better one.
    Prob between prof x, sorcrer and BWDO.
  • The_HoTUThe_HoTU Posts: 418 ★★
    prof X or CAP IW
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