Summoners, there was an issue with Alliance War matchmaking today preventing Alliances from being able to match with others. As a result, this upcoming war will be cancelled. There should be no detrimental effect to any Alliance's Season performance, and we will be reducing the Alliance War Season Rewards Participation minimum to 4 Wars. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Alliance War Season 30


With the close of Season 29 it’s time to talk about Season 30! We have your regularly scheduled Expert Tier Tactics Rotations, and Node Updates, and we have an exciting new update to Potions and the Loyalty Store!

Season 30 updates, here we go...

Loyalty Store (Alliance War Potions Updated)

  • Level 1 to Level 3 Alliance War Health Potions, Alliance War Team Health Potions, and Alliance War Team Revives available in the Loyalty Store, replacing the old Alliance Quest items
  • Purchase limit of 2 each, resets every 14 days
  • Potions no longer randomized, each are available to purchase up to the limit
  • Watch out for an in-game message with more details

Level 5 Alliance War Health Potion

Now available for 100 Units in the Potions Store

Tactic Updates

Tactics By Map
Expert Map
Attack: Slow Your Roll
Defense: High Ground - 3

Challenger Map: Pick 1 of 3 (from Attack and Defense)
Attack: Damage Over Time, Slow Your Roll, Power Down
Defense: Untouchables -2, High Ground - 2, Regenerator

Hard Map: Pick 1 of 3
Attack: Damage Over Time, Slow Your Roll, Power Down

Map Changes

Node Changes (Heroic, Intermediate)

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    There is an issue with tags in Expert Maps, where all tags for Defence Tactics are displayed for the Map. Please note that Expert Maps will only support High Ground as a Defence Tactic at this time.
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