Champion info visual bug

I got a new 5* Elsa Bloodstone when i came across a visual bug that made her model purple, and i've noticed when i click on any champion's info it's more laggy to load their model


  • OmegaToastyOmegaToasty Posts: 12

  • OmegaToastyOmegaToasty Posts: 12
    Same happened to me with Emma frost
  • Thank you summonerS for pointing this out, please take the time to fill out the bug template form regarding this issue to make sure we have all the information needed to investigate, HERE is a direct link to the template form.
  • FezfozeFezfoze Posts: 11

    Device and Version: iPhone 11

    Device Operating System: iOS 14.8

    Mobile Carrier: 3

    Cellular or WiFi: Both

    Game Version Installed: 33.0.0

    Game Mode: Just in general menu screen, but only AFTER completing the Platinumpool boss rush

    Champions Affected: Spider-man 2099, 5*, completely fresh new champion, base level everything, no signature levels, etc

    Active Boosts: No

    Description of the Issue: Finished the new Platinumpool boss rush and received the 5* magnificent masks crystal, spun it and opened it and received spider-man 2099, went to the champion menu to level him up and the visual bug was there. From what I can see, no other champion affected.
  • DernickDernick Posts: 26

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