Community Choice Buff: Guillotine Clarification + Live AMA with a *very special* Kabam dev!



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    Is " Reduce purify chance" like that of Omega Red and " reduce purify Ability accuracy " like Apocalypse , the same? It currently functions the same. Is it intended?
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    Agree, I think if there was a monthly segment like this it would improve so much with the community and the development team.
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    My last question would be is it possible to open threads for each champion projected for buffs and ask the community what issues they have when playing the champion, and what parts of the champion would they feel is most important to their kit and would need to remain.

    Just so you guys doing the buffs can get a quick, accessible brainstorm for each champ you’re going to be buffing at some point.

    It doesn’t even need to give away what the buffs will be in the future, (so we wouldn’t have needed a nebula and Karnak thread 4 months ago). Even just opening 5 threads on the suggestion and feedback section a month, and letting us drop our feedback there would be perfect. Then remove it the next month and replace for 5 more.

    Obviously just an example, but I think this sort of thing could be very useful!

    You and I were on the same page with this idea
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    would you like to cap off the thread announcing next months buffs?
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    Has there been any Thoughts on doing Themed Rework Months occasionally, or do you see that as too limiting?
    So for example when you get around to Reworking a couple of the OG Champions, there could be a Month where you give Groot an Overhaul and Rocket Raccoon a Moderate. (Doesn't have to Just be the OGs, another month have Beast get an Overhaul and Nightcrawler a Tune Up)
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