Who to invest time ranking up?

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I’m still filling out my roster I have Thor (og) at 4/40 duped, SW 4/40 duped, x23 4/40 duped, blade 4/40 unduped, but I want to take up either CAWW2 or hulk both unduped to 4/40 but can’t decide which to take up, thanks for the help in advance :) .

Who to invest time ranking up? 23 votes

56% 13 votes
43% 10 votes


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    Only you know what you need most. If you need a champ that can block a lot of hits, then go with Cap. If you need a big hitter, then go with Hulk.

    Personally, I'd wait and see if I could dupe either one since laws of bad luck say you'll dupe the one you didn't rank up a week after you rank up.
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    Since both unawakened, Hulk is better I think on special 1 stun.
  • CA doesn't need to be duped to be awesome and especially for someone, who isn't in the end game yet, his blockdamage reduction is awesome. Furthermore his special 2 bleed is really nice
  • Awesome, leaning more towards CA, thanks for the help!
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