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Can’t select defense tactic

zuffyzuffy Posts: 2,127 ★★★★★
Is aw defense tactic broken? I see the updates nodes but whenever I tap to select a defense tactic, screen goes dark and lock there.



  • OurbeeOurbee Posts: 85
    Same for my allaince
  • BassanioBassanio Posts: 162
    Same for my alliance.
  • ninjadtkninjadtk Posts: 30
    Our alliance having the same issue. Can't select defense tactic or attacker ban.
  • zuffyzuffy Posts: 2,127 ★★★★★
    I guess this war will not have any defense tactic.
  • Clarkkent76Clarkkent76 Posts: 282
    Same for us
  • Cendar333Cendar333 Posts: 303
    Same for my alliance as well
  • Cendar333Cendar333 Posts: 303
    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Porthos @Kabam Vydious

    Just wanted to make sure your team was aware of this bug
  • Hey everyone, we've let the team know so they can look into it.
  • Cendar333Cendar333 Posts: 303
    Thanks @Kabam Zibiit 👍🏻
  • DeaconDeacon Posts: 4,059 ★★★★★
    still happening to me
  • zuffyzuffy Posts: 2,127 ★★★★★
    Is this not happening to tier 1 or 2? I don’t see YouTube videos or many posting of this issue. Fwiw, I am in tier 5.
  • Cendar333Cendar333 Posts: 303
    Looks like this is still going on again. Also occurring for my other officers...
  • zuffyzuffy Posts: 2,127 ★★★★★
    @Kabam Zibiit this is the third war already. When will this be fixed? Still freezing once I tap to select defense tactic. So far in 3 wars, our opponents has high ground or untouchable and we are defaulted to unstoppable armor. Is this only impacting tier 5?
  • Cendar333Cendar333 Posts: 303
    I can confirm still happening to me and to all 5 of my officers as well
  • zuffyzuffy Posts: 2,127 ★★★★★
    @Kabam Zibiit How are we suppose to test new defense tactic if it don’t work? Now it’s 5th war since season ended and still no status update.
  • Cendar333Cendar333 Posts: 303
    I can confirm still happening again this war. Any news from the team to share @Kabam Zibiit ? Really looking forward to trying out the new ban system
  • The team's still digging into this one to try nd find the root cause. Once we have more info or updates to share we'll post here.
  • Cendar333Cendar333 Posts: 303
    Appreciate the update @Kabam Zibiit
  • Dash715Dash715 Posts: 46
    We are experiencing this problem for the first time this war. When you push the screen to access defense tactics, the screen gets darker and then seems to freeze there. No progression to tactic selection, no ability to navigate anywhere else on page or select anything.
  • This is still happening to my alliance. Been this way basically since the last season ended. We’re kind of getting screwed because it seems like our opponent is able to select defense tactics.
  • ninjadtkninjadtk Posts: 30
    This is still happening to our alliance. Is this globally happening? Because I'm quite surprised to not see more people complaining about this.
  • zuffyzuffy Posts: 2,127 ★★★★★
    Not many complains because it seem like expert map, tier 1-3 are setup to high ground defense tactic which do not impact them. In challenge map, tier 4-6, we can select our defense tactic. This is where we are experiencing the freeze.
  • Core21042016Core21042016 Posts: 17
    Is there an status update available you guys can share? Def tactic and attacker bans are still not working for my alliance! Our opponent today has a tactic —> we are close to the season start.. so whats the plan here?
  • Mik81Mik81 Posts: 80
    We are almost a week away from the start of the season and it has not been fixed. We don't have bans in place either. It would have been a great opportunity for everyone to try out, and what is more important, test out, these old and new features.

    I feel we are going to be rushed in the season to find, one more time, that War has issues that may or may not be addressed properly to keep fairness for everyone.
  • DragonbaneDragonbane Posts: 16
    Same issue here, opponent had a tactic set last war and we were unable to set one.
  • nolcuNnolcuN Posts: 159 ★★
    There is no time to fix the issue, but plenty of time to delete comments in this thread
  • Amms90Amms90 Posts: 334 ★★★
    I have the same issue
  • Duo_KulioDuo_Kulio Posts: 180 ★★
    Season starts next week and tactics are still broken!!when will they fix it the day before the season starts?
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