Should I unlock suicides with this roster?

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Do you guys think that I should spend gifting units on suicides or GGCs with this roster? I only have wasp as a synergy partner for Ghost and I also have Corvus as a 5*. I also have CMM, Colossus and Kingpin as 5*s. Is it worth unlocking suicides with this roster as some champs may benefit but others may suffer from them (e.g., Ghost will benefit but Doom will suffer from them).


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    I personally would say no unless you're a heavy arena grinder, or only play one mode (story, AW or AQ). It doesn't look like right now you have a lot of suicide friendly champs already ranked up to have multiple teams, and it will cost a lot of units. With that being said, I run suicides even with Doom and other non-suicide friendly champs just because I love the extra damage. Just my two cents.
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    I wouldnt do either. I would use them to trade for revives/refills during gifting and use those to clear content
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    I probably wouldn't go all-in on suicides at the moment but you could slowly start buying cores while building a more suicide-friendly roster. You have some good unranked champions like Captain Marvel, Hit-Monkey and iHulk that would probably work well with suicides. CM probably needs her dupe but I don't think the other two do (although I'm not too familiar with either of the three). I also really like Old Man Logan even if he's not OMG beyond crazy gOd-TiEr. But he is sustainable with suicides thanks to his bleed resistance and regeneration.

    Also, very important question: do you have Willpower unlocked? If not, unlock it first. Otherwise you'll die in an instant. Plus, Willpower is great even if you don't run suicides. I don't and I still have 3 points in Willpower. Whenever I get a non-damaging debuff on me, I heal like crazy.
  • Thanks everyone for your responses. I’ll take them into consideration and I think I’ll hold off on unlocking suicides right now.
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