The 2021 Gift is definitively inferior to the one given in 2020



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    Also, everyone is complaining about not liking RNG and wanting a gem, but the nexus 6* still offers a good amount of choice even compared to a year and a half ago. Yea it is rng, but so are most of the rewards in the game. Other than the Abyss nexus, this is one of the better “choice” options you can have in terms of champion rewards. It’s not gamebreaking or crazy, but is reasonable for a gift and still useful for TB players.

    Personally, I will always prefer the chance at more champions than rank up rewards. To each his own.
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    It's a free holiday gift. What better clear content
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    Yeah, I agree that it is entirely possible to both be grateful for a gift and to also give thoughtful, constructive feedback on said gift. I don't think one automatically disqualifies you from the other. And not sure why some folks are viewing it this way. I was also a little surprised by the TB gift, but that doesn't mean I'm ungrateful.

    And yes, on the heels of the Trade in Store AG situation. It was pretty rough for the holiday gift's value be subject to rng. Cause you'll unavoidably have many folks like myself who lost out on the AG due to rng, to then completely strike out on the Nexus as well. A guaranteed value gift would have been better. For whatever that feedback is worth. But I'm still grateful to have received the gift.
  • Hello @Illusionary. Thank you for your feedback on the 2021 gift. I moved the thread to the Feedback section, where it corresponds.

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