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Attacker ban not working as intended - can be fully bypassed

Hi kabam, firstly I want to say I love your game, despite all the bugs and issues recently.

I wanted to let you know about a bug I discovered while playing aw.

Basically, by using the synergy list, it appears you can bypass the attacker ban.

For example, if human torch is banned, you can bring in thing, go to the synergy screen, select human torch, add him to your team, bring him in, and fight.

It appears that the game is not registering which hero people bring in, merely putting a red x on the initial selection screen, preventing the banned hero from being selected, but only on that initial screen. Selecting the hero from the synergy screen, the red x is not present and this allows the banned hero to be selected.

To fully test this bug, I took ht into aw. I didn't really want to fight with him as I thought it'd be unfair. However I took him in to a fight and took a death for the kabam bug testing team, to see if the game would allow me to use him. It did. I successfully loaded Human torch into an aw fight with magneto and allowed him to die.

I hope you find a fix for the attacker bans soon. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

One thing I forgot to test is whether after you select the banned hero you can then remove the synergised hero (thing in this example) and bring another one in, thereby totally negating the attacker ban even further as you don't even need the original synergy member blocking a spot. I am assuming that this is possible, as I can't see the game registering a change of synergies as "not allowed" .

Big shout out to Prof hoff, Kt1, rich the man, seatin and all the other youtubers. Your content has helped the community spirit, with its information and humour and honesty, an untold amount through all the troublesome times in and out of the game.

Thanks for your time :)


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