Mcoc on Iphone SE 2020 (especially screen size)

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Hi, In about half a year I will be able to pick up a new phone.
I would like to get an Iphone (have been playing on android for about 5 years) and I would also like a smaller phone than 6,5 inches.
I do not have a huge budget and almost all cheaper android phones are 6,5 inches.
I was looking at the Iphone SE 2020 but am a little concerned the screen size might feel very small.
I don`t really mind a smaller battery, since I will be playing at home mostly and I could hook it up when it gets low.
And I know it will play smoothly since a friends plays on the 11 which has mostly the same internals.

Any information on this phone with MCOC especially the screen size would be very welcome.


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    I play on an se it works good. Runs mcoc a lot better than previous 7. Screen size works fine but I am used to that size. It might take a little adjustment if your coming from a large phone but you’ll adjust quickly. You just hold the phone farther out than you would on a large phone.
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    Dear @Donnymeij,

    Sorry, friend, but planning to buy a mobile phone 6 months ahead is risky, there will be six more MCOC updates in that time. We know how a phone responds now, but not how it will respond then.

    I'm telling you as a gamer who plays MCOC on an iPhone 11 Pro Max(*), in which I have already been experiencing problems for about three months:

    1) The game closes suddenly for no apparent reason and always in different contexts (when starting a fight, when opening the inventory ...). It happens a few times, but always at least once a day or once every other day.
    2) Connection problems have returned. These problems, as I have already reported many times, are due to an overstrain of the GPU, which raises the temperature of the device and interferes with the proper functioning of the internal antenna.
    3) Graphic errors in texts have returned, as well as exaggerated latency in chats.

    If this happens now, six months from now, I'm afraid it will be worse, and the GPU overstrain will lead to latency in fights, freezes, and more game crashes.


    (*) * iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone SE are similar technology, but 11 PM has an A13 chip instead of A9 chip, which triples its data processing capacity (exactly, 3.13x more).
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    @Donnymeij Excuse. In effect, I was comparing with the original SE. (Shame for me, I didn't know there was a new version of the SE). I'm seeing that in terms of gaming tech, SE and 11PM are even.

    You mentioned that you are concerned about the screen. I guess it's a matter of taste, visual acuity, and finger size. With my hands and visual acuity, a 4.7 screen seems very small. For me, the right size is around 6.5 inches of screen.

    As for the possibility of switching to Android, I don't know if my next recommendation can give you any clues. For my work, I periodically test some mobile phones. Right now I am testing a Xiaomi 11 Lite and the game feels good. At the hardware level, it beats the iPhone 11PM and 12 in processor and RAM, but the performance of the GPU is a bit lower (perhaps not too noticeable in game times of less than an hour). The price, of course, much lower than Apple.
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    The battery size is pretty bad. I never really noted how fast it discharges but I wouldn’t plan on playing for more than 1.5 hours without your phone being really low
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