Is apop parry immune in arena??

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I’m grinding in arena using mr sinsinter against apop. And not once was I able to parry apop. Is he parry immune in the arena??
I have parried apop in arena with no issues or problems b4. Is this a parry issue or part of apop’s kit?
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    At 4 persistent charges he becomes stun immune. He starts with 2 on defense and gets 2 immediately when starting a fight against a mutant.


    At three charges he becomes stun immune whilst attacking; and it's at four charges that he gets the stun through block ability.

    I don't think (although tbh I'm not 100% on this) that Arena counts as defending; so in arena, he starts with one charge and gets 2 more immediately when starting an arena fight against a mutant. But I may be wrong on that.

    Either way, he's always immune to parry-stun if he's fighting a mutant as he'll always have three charges or more; regardless of whether he's defending, attacking, on a node or in the arena.
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    what is apop?
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    Magonus said:

    what is apop?

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    what is apop?

    I like it when you call me big apoppa
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    what is apop?

    Like KPop, but worse hair....
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