5* drax to r4?


So my 5* collection is not the Best in the world.
The better 3 are stark spidy (whoohoo), Ultron and drax. Only drax is duped sig 35
I have 6 other (all unduped) Thor JF, YJ, Moonknight, ronan, Iron patriot , Black panter.

So, I know starky will go to r4 once I have the t4cc tech. However, I currently got enough t4cc cosmic to take drax to r4.
Is it worth it or should I wait to maybe take ultron or another champion to r4?
I dont do arena and dont buy 5* shards usually so i get A 5* crystal every two month or so


  • TempestTempest Posts: 295
    How many T2A do you have? If you're really hurting for a r4 and have enough for sparky later on, I think Drax is a decent option.. But otherwise I'd wait for someone better. Definitely take sparky as a first priority.. Ultron is a great option but you need the techs for sparky first
  • SegalionSegalion Posts: 37
    Have 8 t2a closing on the ninth
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