Who is the best champion you HAVEN’T ranked, and why?



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    I_tell_no_tales_1I_tell_no_tales_1 Posts: 1,197 ★★★★
    Hulk Buster
    Iron patriot
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    Knullvoid235Knullvoid235 Posts: 158
    My 5* ghost. I even have a spare tech ag but i can't for the life of me nail her playstyle, especially with the input issues lately, so she's sitting at R2 for now
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    Colonaut123Colonaut123 Posts: 3,091 ★★★★★
    R4 5* Ghost - I could R5 her, but she adds nothing to my roster. The time and effort invested in her can never outweigh the fact I have R2 6* Warlock.
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    ThatGuyYouSaw235ThatGuyYouSaw235 Posts: 3,152 ★★★★★
    5* Hercules.

    Those cosmic cats had to go somewhere worth it
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    Grizzly_18Grizzly_18 Posts: 90
    Mine is Cap IW Because I dont have him awakened yet, I have him as a 4 star sitting on rank 4 until I can get that sweet pull one day
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    Real_Madrid_76_2Real_Madrid_76_2 Posts: 3,363 ★★★★★
    Guardian because I don't have him
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    waterboy_222waterboy_222 Posts: 8
    Rasilover said:

    Hercules cause I have kitty

    Both worthy 6r4
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    JustAGuyJustAGuy Posts: 84
    I don’t enjoy quake so I don’t rank her, and I have a Hyperion as a 5* but am going for featureds now and could pull a 6*.
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    KennadoKennado Posts: 991 ★★★
    G2099.... The sp3 mechanic makes her unrankable for me.
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    ESFESF Posts: 1,944 ★★★★★

    Quake and Ghost.

    Me, too — nothing wrong with them. Just got them so late, I had already moved on
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    SirGamesBondSirGamesBond Posts: 4,380 ★★★★★
    There are too many, and the only reason is they are 5*s.
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    blitzzzblitzzz Posts: 57
    diablo- i really want him as a 6 star and i am pretty much moved on to 6 stars
    warlock - i dont know,i never felt like i need a R3 warlock so he is gonna be R2 for a while(same for ghost as i have sig 200 R5)
    prof x - he is easily one of my fav mutants but i run suicides 90% of the times and i want to have T5cc ready for when i awaken AA
    kingpin - skill T4cc shortage
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    Logan00Logan00 Posts: 588 ★★★
    BWCV, I can not find a place for her in the team, also I don't use suicides
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    JuggerNotJuggerNot Posts: 432 ★★
    Quake, I don't care to play her
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    SazedSazed Posts: 304 ★★
    Quake. Only reason I was even remotely happy about pulling her was to pair her with my 6* Nick Fury. My 5* will forever sit at r1 lvl 1
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    KyriosRaisKyriosRais Posts: 65
    Nick fury, i have him awakened, kingpin and moleman replace him in my team. don't have any reason to rank him up now.. :|
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    DawsManDawsMan Posts: 2,169 ★★★★★
    Moleman, he's a five star r1 and I have such a hard time with gold so no ranking that boy.
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    SaltE_Wenis69SaltE_Wenis69 Posts: 1,992 ★★★★
    morningstar and prof x

    No resources
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    DarthVadidDarthVadid Posts: 396 ★★★
    Guardian because of CANADA.
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    MCOC_JCMMCOC_JCM Posts: 169

    Unduped corvus still at rank 2 6*. Have taken odin and hela before him.

    I have Odin at r4 and Hela at r5, but just pulled Corvus. Should I take Odin to r5 or start ranking up Corvus?
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    RCunhaRCunha Posts: 375 ★★
    6* Magneto
    6* BWCV
    6* Ghost dupped
    6* Nick Fury
    Already have them 5*r5
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