Reporting Alliance that does Piloting in War

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Hi, is there a way to actually report an alliance for underhanded tactics? We're facing an alliance that has a history of doing pilot and the like but we're unsure if there's actually a way to report them. Suggestions would help a lot. Thank you.
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    Ummm I think I should move this to general discussion. My bad.
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    Lodge a ticket and i guess they'll investigate it?
    I would think you'd need a little more than just a rumoured history of piloting before the complaint was taken seriously though
  • Hey @kenadroid, if you've come across another player or Alliance who you think may be cheating, you should reach out to our Support Team with your concerns. You can contact them by clicking HERE.

    An investigation will then be conducted to determine if our Terms of Service has been violated in any way, and if necessary, appropriate actions will be taken to punish the offending player/s. Due to our privacy policy however, we'll be unable to provide you with any details regarding the result of the investigation.

    In your email, you should try to include as much of the the following information as possible:

    - Date and time that this occurred
    - Name of the suspected player/Alliance name
    - A detailed description of any strange behavior you noticed
    - Any relevant screenshots or videos

    Thank you very much in advance for your help!
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