Who should my focus on upgrading next?

Dr_Frost420Dr_Frost420 Posts: 46
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Out of my limited 5* roster who should i upgrade other than Ghost and Collosus

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  • MaxtheSilentMaxtheSilent Posts: 513 ★★★
  • Xcrøss_TRXcrøss_TR Posts: 142
    Molegod for sure
  • Dr_Frost420Dr_Frost420 Posts: 46
    See this is the problem. People tell me MM and Diablo but i don’t understand why.
  • SkyLord7000SkyLord7000 Posts: 3,625 ★★★★★
    UI 🤮
  • Xcrøss_TRXcrøss_TR Posts: 142
    Moleman has a lot of utility like truestrike (ignores armor, resistance, evades and autoblock) when hes under 10 monster mass, he can shrug off debuffs, he gets unstoppable when you hit him on the block and when he's in frenzy all his hits are guaranteed crits causing bleeds for days.
  • Ace2319Ace2319 Posts: 504 ★★★
    Mole man and Diablo as mentioned above are both great (lots of damage and utility, you should check out some gameplay videos). Besides them I might do iceman for his double immunity and a debuff not many are immune too.
  • Real_Madrid_76_2Real_Madrid_76_2 Posts: 2,304 ★★★★
    Molegod diablo surfer for prestige then mister negative
  • LpooLpoo Posts: 1,313 ★★★★
    If you don’t know why mole man and Diablo, then you need to educate yourself more on the champs you have. They are really top shelf champs
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