Invisible Woman - yay or nay?

TheAngryOneTheAngryOne Posts: 365 ★★★
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Does someone use her on a regular basis apart from AW defense?

I just pulled her as a 6*. This reminded me of how impractical her playstyle is. 😭
Her ramp up is pretty annoying I think and once she gets touched she loses all her damage and you have to start ramping her up all over again. 😔
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  • Khellendros138Khellendros138 Posts: 375 ★★★
    Her synergy with Dragonman let's her keep 40 percent of them so there's that haha. I'm to the point where I'm enjoying more of the "off meta" lesser used Champs so I could see myself picking up using her as well. Has a nice synergy with my r3 ebony maw lol
  • FintechFintech Posts: 172 ★★
    Well she basically has the highest damage potential in the game but the ramp up takes so long it’s not worth it
  • Denzel116Denzel116 Posts: 535 ★★★
    Nayay. If that answers the question. Lol. She’s pretty meh to me, but I’ve seen a few people manage some decent damage with her.
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