Looking for Gold 1/Plat 4. AQ MAP 5

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for map 5 in AQ and Gold 1 in AW

Add me
In game : Alita Angel
Line : Alita Angel


  • We have a spot for you in BG3 Map 5x5. You can do map 5 and get map 6 rewards.
    We do 665 and score 400M in AQ.
    Platinum 4 in AW.

    Add me if you are interested:
    Line ID: Superman.ca
    Ingame: Superman.ca
    Alliance tag: G2050
  • DaBillsDaBills Posts: 589
    @Vaincent I can't find you on line. We are Map 5 with epic mods and Plat 4 in war. Looking for 1. My line is Demosthenesff. Thanks!
  • nonamesnonames Posts: 301
    We are gold 1, got a map 5 (master group) needing one member. We are organized and communicate through line.

    Line: fcknonames
  • darkklawdarkklaw Posts: 89
    We are plat 4 and run map 5x2 and 6x2 for aq.
    If still looking find me on line or in game.

    In game name/line name: darkklaw
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