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Carinas challenge- revolution

Just want to complain about this because I don't have a Thorg Rags or Korg. I think this is sort of BS considering you can get doc oc in another challenge but not these guys.

Please offer a way to get them within the 30 day time window.


  • champ9090champ9090 Posts: 9
    Been trying that... still missing the point. All of the other challenges give the champ needed except this...
  • champ9090champ9090 Posts: 9
    Sure, but the probability of getting all 3 is considerably lower than getting a 3* aegon or bleed champ for medusa.
  • AgentDoom9AgentDoom9 Posts: 241 ★★

    Apparently I’ve just had good RNG
  • Shepard69Shepard69 Posts: 68 ★★
    Rillian said:

    That’s not quite accurate.

    There’s no 3* aegon, bleed champ for 6.3.1 Medusa, or, at a stretch, stryfe for the mutant one.

    Stryfe isnt "mandatory" like the others. But also have a look at Carina v1 why dont you? It's a reasonable point
  • KennadoKennado Posts: 926 ★★★
    Rillian said:

    Here’s one way:

    75+ champs in a lotto wheel being your solution is not a solution. I have every champ needed for this but I empathize with those that don't. It's a legit complaint.
  • Shepard69Shepard69 Posts: 68 ★★
    Damn that's a lot of words to say a bunch of wrong stuff

    > So maybe I should blame kabam for not providing free rank up resources for her? That’s equivalent to not providing free champs, isn’t it?

    This doesn't even deserve an answer really, what a ridiculous and incoherent strawman argument
  • champ9090champ9090 Posts: 9
    edited March 24
    Because that isn't based on some small probability of getting ALL 3 as you can simply rank them up based on glory or money. Even if I bought a bunch of shards there's no guarantee whereas there is if one buys the rank up stuff. Disappointing I had to explain rng.... Again, the probability of getting a 3* compared to ALL of these is very different. I'm trying to explore all of the variants in order to get them, but that's BS. If I were, I could simply use my glory for the rank up stuff. Again, amazing one has to explain probability contrasted with simply buying resources.

    There are accounts much bigger than mine that have complained about the same thing.
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