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Year Themed Boss Rush Special Quests

13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 1,329 ★★★
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In my spare time I decided to do annual themed boss rush quests each year is divided up into to 3 quests with 8 fights divided like this


The champs will not be placed in any particular order and will be around 150k pi


  • 13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 1,329 ★★★
    edited December 2021
    Q2 Tempest Map Light Blue [Previous Quest was Green]

    1 Purgatory [ stage is mustapelim] acklash Pulse] Bane]Buffet] Conflictor]Dismay

    2 Shang Chi[ Stage is HK] Wombo Combo] Vital Strikes] Under Pressure] Stunning Reflection] Riot]

    3 America][ Stage is Space outpost] Supercharge] Energy Interference] Escalating Assault] Improved Power Gain] Fisticuffs 1]

    4 Peni Parker stage is hanger] Explosive Personality] Galvanize] Hurt Locker] Do not go Gentle] Enhanced abilities 20%

    \5 Herc] [ stage is the vault][ Hit me I dare you] Aegis Intercept] Achilles Heel] Rising Sun] Aggressive] Lazarus] Buff duration 75%]

    6 Overseer[ stage is Egyptian tomb] Taunting Detaunting] Insecure] Special Burst lockdown] insult to injury] Aspect of Genesis] Aspect of war]Cold turkey]

    7 Mr. Negative] Sanctum Strange] evasive maneuvers]Mix Master] Optimist] Pessimist] Sadist] Life Transfer] Close encounters]

    8 Spidey 2099][ stage is oscorp]100% Block Penetration] The Attacker has -100% purify AA] Dash Bias] Resistor] Adaptive] 80% Physicial aand energy resistance
  • Captain_MonticaCaptain_Montica Posts: 317 ★★
    Peni Parker one looks like a nightmare
  • 13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 1,329 ★★★
    Q3 Twilight] map grey

    1 Anti Venom][ stage is oscorp] Rapid Metabolism] Special Burst lockdown] Power Efficiency] Energize 50%]

    2 Summoned Symbiod] Stage is Kyln] Riot] Rust and Run] Scrap wars] Unblockable specials] Sharpened Claws]

    3 Kitty Pryde] Stage is Danger room] Aggression prowess] Power Overflow] Passively Special] Trial by fire]

    4 Ikaris] Stage is wakandian mines] Power Efficiency] Mystic ward] Power Bond] Sp1 Focus] sp1 bias] Power

    5 Sersi]Egyptian Ruins] Aggression Fury and Regen] Power snack] Power Shield] Aspect of Evolution] Breakthrough

    6 Kraven] Savage Land] Scared Stiff] Catatonic]Combo Party] Dismay] Consistent Combos] Wax on Wax off]

    7 Nimrod]Knoware] Coward] Extinction Protocol] Arc overload 2.2] Ionized Armor] Turtling]Heavy Handed] Armor Brak immune

    8 Knull] Can't remember the name its the stage where you fight Maestro in act 4]
    Encroaching Stun] Sp1 focus] sp1 bias] Lazarus] Make A stand] Aspect of Death] Aspect of Nightmares
  • 13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 1,329 ★★★
    Back with 2020 Q1 Justice. Map Wasteland [ aka 6.4.6 map] what I thought to be wakandan mines is the blue moon area and the egyptian tomb is wakandan necropolis
    forgot you can only bring one champ For these quests but between every fight you may switch you're champ

    Squirrel Girl] stage is Hanger] Bloodletting] Bob and weave] Critical eye] Aggression Cruelty]

    Storm X] Gladiatorum] Aggression Prowess] Feasts of power] Fair is fair] Mighty Charge] Aspect of war

    Sorcerer Supreme] Sanctum Sanctorum ] Aspect of evolution] Sp1 bias] power focus sp2] Recovery 100%] power manipulation immune

    Mojo] Knoware] High energy diet] Sponsorship deal] Combo party] Burden of might] stunning immunity] shatter

    Nova] Avengers Tower] Aggression Fury] Energize 100%] Aegis Intercept] 100% Buff duration] Mystic Ward 95%]

    Terrax] Asteroid] Aggressive] Powerful from afar] improved power gain 50%] empowered immunity] Special lock immunity]

    Longshot]Danger room] Heart Attack] Sp1 Bias] Buffed up attacker] Mojoverse] Shatter] 30% ability accuracy] force of will]

    Mole Man] necropolis] Aggression Precision] Brawl] fight or flight] invade] Boost buff unstoppable] Mercy
  • 13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 1,329 ★★★
    Q2 Scout] Map Red

    1 Red guardian]Kyln] Defensive] Explosive Personality] Kinetic instagator] Destructive feedback] Stunning Relflection]

    2 Air walker] Rainbow Bridge] Heavy linger bias[ likes to hold heavies for long times] Heavy hitter] Improved power gain all or nothing] Spite] Power bond 95%]

    3 Sasquatch] Savage land] Stun immune Fight or flight] Aggression Regen] Indomitable] Heal block immune[ Rage 2.5

    4 Dragon Man] Oscorp] Window of opportunity stun] Super charge] power efficiency] Recharge] sp1 lock] Trial by fire

    5 BWDO] Avengers tower] Bullet time] Block erosion] the best defense] Counterstrike] sp1 bias] sp1 focus]

    6 Tigra] Throne room] combat Deja vu unblockable] Super buffet] soft guard] gimmie] Unblockable specials]

    7 Hit Monkey hk] bob and weave] under pressure] No hit M...ercy] ebb and flow knock down] Enhanced sp1]

    8 Guardian]ultrons domain] power start 1] sp1 bias sp1 focus] parry] ionized armor] armor break immune] 6th sense] Flux dispersal]
  • gannicus0830gannicus0830 Posts: 598 ★★★★
    Reading through those champion/node combinations, I have only one question.....
    Why do you hate us?
  • 13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 1,329 ★★★
    Taking feedback I've decided to tone future fights down [please don't get me in trouble for reviving the thread]

    Q3 Uprising space Back round

    1 CGR mustapelium] Buffed up defender] civil war zone] no hit mercy] combat Deja vu unblockable]
    2 Ihulk oscorp] do not go gentle] Escalation] Aggression regen] recovery 50%] picture of health]
    3 Red Goblin Ultrons domain] Trial by fire] Moth to a flame] oscillate 3] redlining] special delivery
    4 Spiderham hanger] ticking time bomb] vivified] power bond] one to many hits] stage fright
    5 Ibomb Oscorp] Liquid Courage] Willpower] Toxi-can't Toxi-can] redoubled determination] vigor
    6 Apocalypse savage land] Genetic Refinement] Absolute Power] Lazarus] Limber 20%] Selectively special2]
    7 Professor X Danger room] Deja Vu Prowess] Haunted] Special Chaos inversion] Stun Immune] Aggression Prowess
  • 13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 1,329 ★★★
    Q1 Visons [Purple]

    1 Captain Marvel Asteroid m] High Energy Diet] Supercharge] Down but Not Out] Extend 75%] Return Policy
    2 Torch Avengers Tower] Do You Bleed] Bleed Vulnerability] Hot Blooded] Enhanced incinerate] Hot And Bothered]
    3 Havok Danger Room] Dress Code] Crumbling Armor] Selectively Special 1] Destructive feedback] Kinetic Reactor
    4 Thing HK] Brawl] Unstoppable Force] Persistent Pressure] Selectively special 2] special 1 focus] unblockable
    5 Sinister Oscorp] Recovery 75] Combo Lock] Picture of health] aggression regen [ lifecycle] prove your self
    6 Annihilus Thanos' throne] Mighty Charge] Suffocation] From My cold dead hands] Tantrum]
    7 Nick Fury Hanger] Unblockable Finale] Sp1 focus] Bloodletting] Enh. Bleed 40] Combat Deja Vu Unblockable
    8 Diablo Vault] Liquid Courage] willpower] Caustic Temper] Toxicant-can] Toxic Splash] activate pre fights] sp1 bais
  • Strangecraft069Strangecraft069 Posts: 183
    Some of it makes me feel like this dude is mephisto
    I love hell!!!
  • 13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 1,329 ★★★
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    Q2 Predator yellow map

    1 Sunspot danger room] suns out guns out] Conflictor] Counter Strike sp2 bias] rising sun] Prowess puncture thermostat
    2 Namor savage land] Power efficiency] precision parry] aspect of evolution] flail] special bias] aggression fury
    3 Ronin HK] Shank] Aegis intercept 2] ebb and flow intercept] Bob and weave] aggressive] aggression cruelty] duel
    4 Cull Kyln ] Titanic conquest] max thanos favor] bubble shield] heavy baiter protection] divine barrier]
    5 Invisible woman Blue side moon]kinetic transference 3[ Meltdown]personal space] power alternator]pressure gauge
    6 ebony] dark dimension] forced entropy] prove yourself] release valve] power axis 1] heavy bias] shake and bake
    7 Warlock hanger] spreading infection] Spite] power snack] buffet] dulled stalwart shield] static blast] static defense
    8 Stealthy avengers] Mesmerize] evasive maneuvers] Catch this] can't touch this] smorgasbord] schadenfreude
    9 Mysterio oscorp] Haunted] Toxic behavior] now you see me] acid wash] power to cower] heavy bias
  • 13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 1,329 ★★★
    Q3 Ancients Maze map

    1 Elsa HK] Duel] Echo Barrier] Flail] one armed bandit] hard knock life 4] Major League] mix master] playing favorites
    2 Claire dark dimension] Shatter] Prey on the feeble] imminent clairvoyance] curse of death] aspect of Nightmares \
    3 G2099 oscorp ] ionized armor] ironclad] Scrap wars] crumbling armor] dress code] selectively special 1] enh crits]
    4 Aarkus] Rainbow bridge] improved power gain] powerful from afar] power play] stunning immunity] power flow
    5 Man thing savage land] Nano plagued] shatter] Ehn. abilities 40] recovery] running on fumes] gassed] setup spike
    6 Mr Fantastic kyln] Insecure] distract attacker] selective special 1] evasive maneuvers limber 10]steady perseverance
    7 Surfer Asteroid] aspect of genesis] defensive transference] burden of might] blood in the water] enh. armor break
    8 Doom Vault] So Sayeth Doom] Aspect of War] Staggering beauty] super charge] turn the tide] powerful] aggr. fury
  • NoobdaNoobda Posts: 787 ★★★
    While reading this post & the written nodes combinations , I can remember that one line from Seatin's old video which says something like ,"Thanks Summoners , Keep your wallets open and your back accounts empty!".
  • 13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 1,329 ★★★
    Q1 Eclipse [blue]

    1 Sabertooth Savageland] aggression regen] indomitable] Selective 2] Grudge tax] Hard Head] Heal Or Hide] Untamed Force
    2 Proxima Blue side] Knockdown physical] Thanks for the knockdown] crisis of opportunity] no surrender] make a stand 3
    3 Gulk Gladiatorum] Special Burst] Matador] No Mercy] Oscillate] Prove Yourself] rage] aggressive] riot]
    4 Corvus Thanos' throne] right back at it] bob and weave] aggression cruelty] enh. crits] Super Maso] superior specials
    5 Sentinel Kyln] Surge Protector] Spiked armor] unblockable finale] Typhoon] extinction protocol] adaptive] armor 3
    6 Void vault] long distance] spectre of ailment] Aspect of nightmares] Cascading failure] chaos] cold turkey]
    7 Killmonger throne room] Wakadan Leadership] fearless] enh. abilities 30] counter tactics] Critical eye] aggression armor
    8 Bishop danger room] Defensive] high energy diet] aggression prowess] sp1 focus] powerful from afar] Backblast]
    9 Sentry Rainbow bridge] Combo up 3] combo shield] selective 1] power efficiency] matador] aspect of genesis
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  • GrassKnucklesGrassKnuckles Posts: 1,778 ★★★★★
    The effort...
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