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Preferably an alliance running some map 5 and 6, but we don’t care as long as everyone moves fairly quickly. Smaller account is a newer account of a vet/skilled player.

- Indifferent to war, doesn’t matter.
- Must be organized.
- Both of us are US based.

LINE: st0rmb0rn_


  • FórgeFórge Posts: 33
    Hey, I added your Line, we run map 5, and organize well, Line groups for all 3 battle groups, as well as for the two war groups we run in season, we hit 250mil plus each week in AQ. I will send you the info on our alliance on Line, my ID is Forgemaster1999
  • Swartzy84Swartzy84 Posts: 70

    join us if U want... aq map66555 or map55555, gold 2 or gold 1 in aw... 3 groups... we use line app for communication
  • CourtbearCourtbear Posts: 126
    50+mil chill Muppets Alliance is LF2
    Currently all Map5s run with master/herioc map mods (285mil currently) - Optional 1BG AW
    Interested teammate should be Cavalier/10k PI min. Time zone can be any
    Line communication utilized during AQ series and in a general Alliance chat
    AQ Participation is only requirement, RL comes first, we run chill/drama free and we all help each learn, grow and crush game content.
    Line ID if interested : Courtbear
  • Buck9studioBuck9studio Posts: 134
    Look me up in game, check us out. @ buck9studio we are no stress but everyone helps out.
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