Champion Attributes: Live on Scorpion, Black Cat and More!



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    CosmicGuardianCosmicGuardian Posts: 408 ★★★
    I don’t really know who these attributes benefit. They clearly don’t benefit experienced players as they have the knowledge and understanding of champs and their abilities to guide their rank ups without the attributes. Plus, as people are pointing out, many of the attributes don’t really line up with how players would rank those same attributes. I can’t see them helping newer players either, since aspects of many champs cannot be effectively conveyed through the simplified attributes. Therefore they can’t really be used to help guide rank ups without players having at least some knowledge about the champ and how they work, defeating the purpose of the attribute system.
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    AverageDesiAverageDesi Posts: 5,260 ★★★★★

    Shows they don't play their own game, the nick fury survibility is baffling, he has 2 whole lives!!

    He has 1.3 . And he can't regenerate outside of that so his survivability is not as good as those others like Claire and diablo
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    Markjv81Markjv81 Posts: 1,005 ★★★★
    This is the dumbest system, considering there’s basically 3 different levels of every champ in game (unawakened, less than optimal sig, optimal sig) and most champs abilities change based on which level, what level are these attributes graded on?

    For example Captain Marvels survivability is scored at 4.5, she only has one immunity and no regen (both are attributes are used to give BWCV a score of 5) most her survivability comes from the indestructible from her signature ability.
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    MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 913 ★★★
    This is an ambitious undertaking that I feel is just going to be a waste of developer’s time and lead to poor choices by rookie or generally uninformed summoners.
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    altavistaaltavista Posts: 1,312 ★★★★
    This kind of reminds me of Marvel trading card and their weird power levels.

    It is weird that this in essence creates a rankable tier list. Potentially good for beginning players, but doesn't seem to hold much value for anyone else. Seems like there could be a better use for Kabam's time than this.
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    MightyDZAMightyDZA Posts: 19
    For me, it’s a combination of the system being conceived and/or executed poorly, but, more importantly, the resources (time, energy, manpower etc) put into this instead of something with a meaningful impact to the players that makes me upset. I have no problem at all with Kabam trying to quantify champs strengths and weaknesses…but c’mon guys, quantify something that’s a real benefit to the players…have the team that put this together help revamp AQ/war nodes, have them do something to help Battlegrounds get here sooner without issues, add them to the team working on buffs and reworks of irrelevant champs that gets them back on a decent schedule…so many other choices that would’ve had so much more impact in game right now than to make what equates to a shoddy tier list.

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    GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,310 ★★★★★
    Honestly, the majority of arguments to this system are subjective. They vary as much as our own opinions do.
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    KyriosRaisKyriosRais Posts: 65
    ignoring these new attributes is more useful than reading them. Unless you wanna make your life more difficult
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    SkyLord7000SkyLord7000 Posts: 3,999 ★★★★★
    @Kabam Miike am I missing something, where are Black Cats and Scorpions ratings?
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    Darkraw346Darkraw346 Posts: 2,034 ★★★★

    Greetings Summoners!

    We have recently announced a new Champion Attribute system that we will be implementing on all of our Champion Spotlights in the coming months. If you need a refresher on what that is, take a look at this post here.

    The main goal of Champion Attributes is to help Summoners, new and old, have an idea of the strengths and weaknesses of a Champion at a glance. In order to do this, Attributes are broken down into 5 separate categories:

    • Damage
    • Survivability
    • Ease of Use
    • Utility
    • Defender Strength
    We also want to take this opportunity to clear up some misconceptions that have been floating around:
    • These ratings are based on Data collected from multiple sources in-game. Your opinions may vary on individual Champions, but we are going to portray these ratings in relation to some of the most competitive content in-game, and won't be able to take individual or niche cases into account.
    • Champion Synergies are not accounted for in these Ratings. While Synergies can certainly make Champions more powerful (I'm looking at you Cable and Apocalypse), we want these to represent the Champion as is.
    • Champion Buffs are not going anywhere, but they may be less frequent. We said it in the original post, but we're going to repeat it here. Regardless of if this rating system was introduced or not, there would have been a chance to the Cadence in Champion Buffs as we get closer to a point where we need more overhauls and fewer value updates.
    • You should expect more Buffs than Nerfs. If we applied this program historically to the last year, you would have seen a lot more Buffs to underperforming new Champions. We have historically tuned down overly potent Champions in the past, and rarely have those ever been seen as a major nerf. Our goal here is to show you right off the bat what a Champion should be capable of.
    Read all about Champion Attributes and check out some of the Samples on the site now.
    I mean idk if buffs are going anywhere or not but recently those have been trash, not talking about Gamora, but Psycho man... really? He barely got anything, he should've got new things, more dmg and stuff
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