Changes Made by Kabam after They are Release

I would like to address this changes Kabam doing after any of the champion is release. Example Loki and his synergies to Hela. A lot of the champion are nerf. We the community buy unit and upgrade this champ. Yes we spend money and we are happy to buy because of the usefulness of a certain champ. Now after few days or weeks Kabam made changes on the power or quality of the champ. This is very unfair to the community, this champ might become useless.

Example like buying a Vitamin to your lovely kid and after they recall the product. They always made a decent replacement or refund.
Honestly Kabam said sorry for the changes it is not intended like that LOOK but what you done for the community who spend money to develop the champ. buying unit for this champ. I do believe you need to review not just sorry. How many time this happen? What did you do?


  • 666333666333 Posts: 6
    Cheers mate, I do agree with this post. KABAM you give us something we eat it, we buy them and simply you get it back. So we buy a useless champ. WE are the losers and of course you said sorry. Community of this game pls help stop this kind of activity they do. Help who are small. Any of the big alliance who come across this post give us a helping hand. A small alliance to earn T4 Class Catalyst used to this champ and they nerf them is a big catastrophic to us.
  • ScottryanScottryan Posts: 365
    edited November 2017
    The loki synergy was changed before hela was released
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