I have a corvus glave

wheatmannwheatmann Posts: 186 ★★
He is a 4 star that I haven't upgraded but I have noticed his damage is pretty decent, is he a good champion to Upgrade?


  • Commander_CRS88Commander_CRS88 Posts: 31
    I'm not a big fan of him but I see the appeal so if you like him and can use him well then go for it.
  • If you haven’t progressed into ranking up your 5* champs to rank-4 yet (the point at which they become stronger than a Max 4* can be), then yes Corvus would be good to have on a 4* team.

    Defeat Tech, Mutant, or Avenger champs along the quest really ramps up his damage for the rest of the quest. (persistent “charges”).
    Also a 4th persistent charge available if knocking down opponent (successful Heavy or SP, without it being the final blow) at some point *after* defender has done an auto-evade or auto-block in that fight.
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