Crazy Bug that I’m clueless about.

I had made it to the final boss in EQ Cavalier 3.2, and took a phone call. Came back to the game, and this is going on. Needs help on what to do?


  • Priest64Priest64 Posts: 56
    Like do I literal have to start over now?
  • airmundoairmundo Posts: 101
    I have the same thing and restarting doesn’t help. I can’t do any questing here now.
  • Priest64Priest64 Posts: 56
    Yeah I’m lost, and don’t want to start over. But if I have too? Then I’ll have to do it.
  • NeoDazarasNeoDazaras Posts: 59
    edited May 2022
    I’d wait until a Kabam person replies to this forum to start the quest over. I’m not gonna restart in case the bug just happens over again
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