All Adult Casual Alliance seeking members

we are an experienced and highly active alliance of over 5 years. We are an all adult crew who understand family and real life comes first and foremost in the game. We are currently running map 5 for AQ but hope to soon return to map 6 when we are a full squad again. We usually finish gold one in war season for very minimal effort. If you’re looking for a no stress group of adults who just get the job done you’ve come to the right place. Look us up: “Filthy Animals” if you’re interested or get in touch with me on line: waddaboutme if you’d like to know more.


  • PepenandoPepenando Posts: 3
    Hey! I think I might fit. I have experience with map 5 from my last alliance. Got to cavalier a couple of months ago. name in game: Jasd10. I'll reach you in line.
  • PepenandoPepenando Posts: 3
    what´s your alliance tag?
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