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Basis for stopping Weekly Compensation

AMS94AMS94 Posts: 802 ★★★★
Just want to know on what basis were the compensations stopped
The game clearly isn't working well, & for some people it's worse than before
For me it's better in some aspects & much worse in others
The AI is probably worse than it ever has been
The game message said that compensation is being stopped bcoz the feedback has been positive
Who exactly gave that feedback bcoz I don't remember any recent survey asking for feedback on game performance
I assume it ws the CCP members whose feedback was referred in the mail, but even if their feedback was mostly positive, was it enough to represent entire community's sentiments
It's not a complaint thread, just want to know about the data based on which they reached this conclusion that the game is running fine & compensation isn't needed anymore


  • ProfessorGProfessorG Posts: 66
    I would love to hear from some of the content creators that said the beta was good. Are they experiencing any issues now? Watching @Karatemike415 have input issues was actually reassuring to know those that are having issues are not just struggling in the game and that there are actually issues with the game.

    It seems odd that there has been zero communication or update regarding the new input refractor system.
  • ChampZ2ChampZ2 Posts: 23
    Because the game has been fixed after the new beta inputs thing
  • ProfessorGProfessorG Posts: 66
    I would love to see the compensation resume and then be adjusted to reflect the new issues that surfaced. In my experience, the issues are two to three times worse and happening with much greater consistency.

    I’m very thankful that the only difficult content I am playing I can easily start over and don’t worry about losing energy only time (EOP). However for all those pushing through Carina’s and act 7, abyss, I feel for your pain and your stash.
  • Celtic1981Celtic1981 Posts: 56
    I am also having a weird parry bug, sometimes
    when I parry the champion recovers immediately and counters me (not node related) . Anyone else coming across this ? Only happening since latest update for me
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