Input issues are not even close to fixed

I appreciate this game because it takes me away from negativity and old ways of living. But it is super frustrating because u stopped weekly comp (which I’m not tryna freeload more) but it should of never stopped until the game was fixed. I d rather a fixed game then compensation. Please reevaluate this situation. A lot of players are hurting from this. Thank you


  • Titan_slayerz84Titan_slayerz84 Posts: 15

    Rap said:

    Lag between screens and game freezing seems to have increased since yesterday's update! Players are getting the failure to connect symbol between every screen. Lost two champs in war because of screen freezing.
    We will probably do whatever can make it through the next 6 matches and then we are suspending war.
    It is all fine well and good that we now have the items to keep going available in the loyalty store but that doesn't address the problems or the we shouldn't need and wouldn't need them as much as we do in the first place (because of game issues).
    This isn't fun anymore.
    So the input issue doesn't appear to be fixed and seems to hace created a.myriad of new bugs and issues!

    All of that mentioned above + the game dims screen lights while running quests once you run out of energy and it gets stuck not showing the energy use screen. Stuck stuck stuck. I wish DISNEY'S MARVEL take a look at how badly this game has gone with all the bugs and crushes. I believe the entire game community would love some new software and coding engineers in the developing team of kabam. The current guys are doing their best but still needs some more advanced engineers.
    Dude I literally thought something was wrong with my phone when the energy dimming and freezing happens. I’m so glad you said that So many issues . I love this game but it’s starting to slowly dwindle away
  • FabwiziFabwizi Posts: 1,120 ★★★★
    More than input issue it's also AI which is messing the timing up.

    Now at the start of the match AI will wait and then hit which does not allow for Parry which hints something has changed in AI.
  • N7DonkeyN7Donkey Posts: 82
    Still input issues. Still passive AI who love light intercepts. Energy refill issue. KG issue. Lag issues. Long delays between screens with the red connection warnings. AI recovery times (like after throwing heavies) are still ridiculously fast. Get chucked out of the game periodically just to lose the fight you were in. Right now things feel the worst they've been for a while, game feels very broken which is a shame because it used to be really enjoyable once upon a time. Won't be spending anything in July with things how they are at the moment.
  • LorddrewLorddrew Posts: 276 ★★
    Well kabam moderators are activly removing negative comments, alltho I have a feedback on how they are funneling the issues to a page "Input and Gameplay Bug Reporting"

    Where this is good to gather data, it's a button menu where you can only select 1 option, for me it's as general as it gets, in several modes, several input issues change it to a select button instead.
  • Speeds80Speeds80 Posts: 1,995 ★★★★
    Game controls are ****, timings are out, hit boxes are out, dex is 50:50, now they’re calling it fixed, compo stopped and everything is having difficulty bumps. Aw, aw, even this months event quest the nodes are harder and the class buffs are weaker and buggier. The defenders love to dash back and light intercept, aq potions gone from glory store. Games gone downhill, might find a new one, 6 years thanks
  • flip3609sbroflip3609sbro Posts: 13
    Can confirm that my parry is extremely off post this months update. Missed several parries tonight when I knew I was hitting them. Had to block significantly earlier than the hit to register the parry. Much harder to do when the opponent is in your face.
  • XygonXygon Posts: 122
    Literally holding down block today and my character starts walking toward the defender. Never in my many years has that happened. On top of parry and evade that is as bad as it ever was, plus attackers suddenly moving in the wrong direction.

    I was pleased enough when the beta controls came out. Now it seems as bad as the worst of the times.
  • JJJmJJJJJJmJJJ Posts: 69
    With the new update I started again to have a lot of problem with dex. Less with parry but dex really seems to be broken again for me.

    Control are shot, dex triggers parry half the time, parry loves to not work at the most convenient times, game freezes non stop during questing,
    the ai is so passive even when they have “infuriate” debuff in them and will light intercept you every time,

    Champs are broken, Kitty pride, king groot, kingpin synergy etc

    Kabam, let’s not sit here and pretend everything works and “final compensation is on the way” I’d rather have a game that works! So please do something about wether it’s bringing back weekly comp or anything!! July 4th is around the corner and your only hurting yourself because players won’t want to spend on a 7year old broken game of nothing is done
  • FrydayFryday Posts: 197 ★★
    So do we have any further update on the input problem?

    The input are still not responsive, which based on what @Kabam Miike said in some previous post could also affected the AI. The game lag are also extremely bad, as well as lots of little bugs and glitches (all have reported ingame)

    All of these thing combined making it very hard to even try to play the game, let alone enjoy.

    It is now been over a month since Kabam went with the "stop compensation and try the beta input" plan, the problem is still there, what are Kabam going forward in regarding to plan on fixing the input. It is would be good for the come community to know.
  • N7DonkeyN7Donkey Posts: 82
    Was doing some arena earlier which I do regularly. 3 different occasions and 3 totally different matchups and after finishing a standard combo I went into my special. 3 times they blocked (parried) the special despite me pressing it the second the combo finished. I've been playing long enough to know I'm not that slow to throw a special. Has this been happening to anyone else? Only noticed it in arena though...
  • AverageDesiAverageDesi Posts: 2,909 ★★★★★
    Special button not responding is so much fun
  • Trafalgarwar96Trafalgarwar96 Posts: 256 ★★★
    I m really tired of this game with the bug that appear every month and in every quest.....i loved this game.....
  • Camby01Camby01 Posts: 534 ★★
    Lmao, well documented....
  • LordSmasherLordSmasher Posts: 652 ★★★
    Its hard to believe the company would let the narrative of problems get away from them.
    So much angst could be solved by clear communication.
  • IconofSinIconofSin Posts: 5
    The game is now the worst it has ever been. It is now at a point of being unplayable and I am very close to quitting after playing for years. The new input system is at best equally as bad, if not even worse. I have lost all control now. This goes way beyond a timing issue relating to parry, that is now the least of my problems with this game. I now cannot do anything as it controls itself. Doesnt matter if I am trying to block, parry or attack with basic I am getting bombed with continual forced heavies that just stand there charging. I cannot move or do anything about it. Once that ends or im hit it just does exactly the same thing again straight into another charging heavy over and over again. This is just on top of the existing problems with parry being ignored, dex ignored, and my old fav of freezing mid combo to just stand there and get hit unable to move or do anything. There are times where it lets up and works reasonably ok so I think its usable then within a few mins its back to its uncontrolled mess again

    I am unable to progress in the game now. Was waiting for act 6 nerf to finish as I am on 6.4.4 but it seems I will never get it finished. The nerf makes no difference at all when the game is unplayable due to the atrocious controls and continual input problems. I am constantly dying on easy fights because of the forced heavies and everything else giving me no control over it. It would cost me a lot of resources I would not need to spend to get through this in this state. Every game mode is as bad as the other its not specific to anything. My first AQ fight yesterday was literally like autofight was on. No control what so ever over it. I don't even need to touch the screen and its controlling itself. All of this after stating it to be 'fixed' and stopping comp. The game never used to be nearly this bad so I have no idea how it even ended up like this. Its as bad set on new input or taking that off. I literally cannot play the game in this state it is beyond ridiculous now. Already aware of many who have left the game because of this and I will be following if it continues in this state
  • Ironside47Ironside47 Posts: 281 ★★★
    The bug that probably annoys me most, is the screen freeze mid combo. There’s absolutely nothing you can do about it, and it normally loses you the fight.

    Admittedly, my iPad Pro is four years old, but it didn’t have a problem four years ago.
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