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Well Happy Father’s Day

CropDusterCropDuster Posts: 612 ★★★
edited June 2022 in General Discussion
Happy Father’s Day to the other Dads out there.
Kabam gave me an awesome Father’s Day gift.
Hope everyone else has awesome luck.


  • AverageDesiAverageDesi Posts: 3,656 ★★★★★
    Ironic giving you spidey
  • Oddkinsons7Oddkinsons7 Posts: 43
    edited June 2022
    My pulls were terrible. No 5* or 6* seen
  • MatthewmercuryMatthewmercury Posts: 59
    2 3 star kingpins. From a choice of all 3 stars. Happy fathers day indeed..
  • Oddkinsons7Oddkinsons7 Posts: 43
    Terrible RGN
  • Vijay_33Vijay_33 Posts: 1

    Happy father's day
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 7,235 ★★★★★
    Happy Father’s Day and wow…that’s great luck. I pulled a pair of 4* champs, both of which left me perplexed as to why they ended up in a Father’s Day crystal. I’m guessing it’s assumed they had a father at some point.


    Dr. Zola
  • 0casual00casual0 Posts: 457 ★★★
    Just got 5* Wolverine from Cav crystal. I guess it was worth the 175 units.
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