4* Scarlet Witch or 4* Ghost Rider to rank 5?

ZeSpecterZeSpecter Posts: 15
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I have enough t4cc to rank up a mystic champion.
4* Scarlet Witch - unduped
4* Ghost Rider - unduped
Who would you recommend taking to rank 5 seeing as both of them are unawakened?

4* Scarlet Witch or 4* Ghost Rider to rank 5? 65 votes

4* Scarlet Witch - unduped
TheGumbaExotigamusDhruvgLightvayneMaximus0215Jaydev217 6 votes
4* Ghost Rider - unduped
KpatrixBigMoScnarfGbSarkarTitan_A97LeNoirFaineantMegaSkater67TBJ1118AcanthusWilljackson16stakSpity68Deadbyrd9JayMMvg2782buffajrAfridDK1825Danicb94GreatScott 59 votes


  • SjanddsSjandds Posts: 114
    4* Ghost Rider - unduped
    Sw is below avg undupe and plus you need high sa of 60's to r5 her . Gr is beast undupe also . He is one of the best champs to play in aq
  • Delta_14Delta_14 Posts: 62
    4* Ghost Rider - unduped
    If SW was duped it would be a harder decision (for me). But as @Sjandds says, GR is great unduped whereas SW gets a lot from her signature ability.

    My only caveat; GR is a lot harder to play than most champs. Make sure you like him before ranking him.
  • Thanks guys, I could use an awakening gem on Scarlet Witch though, but even then I wouldn't be able to level up her signature ability by anymore than 10 and then it's not really worth it, right? @Sjandds @Delta_14
  • SpicyslicerSpicyslicer Posts: 778 ★★
    Awakened sw
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,568 ★★★★
    Awaken and rank SW.
    You'll soon get her up with sig stones from events
  • DhruvgDhruvg Posts: 282
    4* Scarlet Witch - unduped
    Wait for her to get duped
  • 4* Ghost Rider - unduped
    Ghost rider is a strong champ that doesn’t need to be awakened to be good. Save the awakening gem for another champ like voodoo.
  • imnooneimnoone Posts: 316
    4* Ghost Rider - unduped
    Ghost rider is a god tier champion. He has one of the best utilities in the game if you learn how to use him effectively.
    SW is a beast but she needs to be awakened and at least 60 sig level for her to be god tier.

    You can use an awakening gem on her but if you can't get her to high enough sig level than she won't be of any use. Unless you're very very luck and pull her a couple of time and then use all of your sig stone on her, I don't think it's a sensible choice to R5 her.

    My SW is duped and sig 40 and still sits on R3.
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