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Started 3 weeks ago. Looking for actice Alliance to learn from and grow. Never done AQ or AW but here os SS of this weeks SA and EQ.6lq71c6dcae0.png


  • Nexus_UY_ScutiNexus_UY_Scuti Posts: 480 ★★
    Would help if you post your profile.

    A few things that will help alliance recruiters decide:
    1) your top champs
    2) summoner level
    3) daily play activity
    4) progress in story mode
    5) most difficult level of completion in previous monthly events

  • Ok thank you.
  • h3s2l368rs6l.png
    I am level 35. Story mode i am on the last quest of Act 3. I believe its Thanos. In the event i am on Chapter 2 Quest 2 on Heroic difficulty. I have been overly active the last 3 weeks in quests and events and arenas. My currwnt Alliance doesnt do AQ or AW so i know nothing about them. Looking to learn and grow. I have line. Id is rs746166. Thanks!cydwk3pcadke.png
  • qv5lawy6vldx.png
  • We are looking players...Alliance tag: KGKH We are all about learning.
  • jcruz2133jcruz2133 Posts: 152
    Hey you would fit in perfectly in my alliance DDD ! Come check us out, we have veteran players and plenty of active players at your level. Currently running 2 BG's. We like to consider ourselves as organized fun! Not gonna kill you if you mess up, as long as youre active and communicating, that's what we all strive for!

    IGN: jcruz2122
    Line: Jcruz2133
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    edited December 2017
    we are recruiting also. 2.5 million alliance. 3 war groups. run maps 3 and 2 in aq. about to start map 4. We reach summoner advancement 3 out of 4 weeks and hold on the off week (new players are discouraged from holding ranking if they have content to clear).

    War rating floats between 950-1100. So we get 4* shards there.

    Our alliance doesn't care what your rating is, just as long as you participate.

    Lastly, Line is required. So if you're interested send an in game message. UN: Mum.Me
  • OrozconlecheOrozconleche Posts: 32
    Hey RS,

    I"m looking to recruit people into our family of alliances. In order of rank: TD-30, !TEF!, TD-32, TD-33.
    I began in 32 and have now made myself to TEF. We would like to start you off in TD-33 where you will have the opportunity to find your way around the game and grow through our family ranks!

    PM me in game or on line @Orozconleche
    Look forward to hearing from you (:
    why, why i cant have a green goblin

    i give you 10 4* star champions for the goblin if were possibly
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