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Lag caused by help requests. When are you going to solve this?

I'm not the first to say this. Seatin made a video some time ago about it but this is even worst now.
We all ask for help for energy or for our champs at arenas . If someone of your alliance is pressing the button to help you while you are fighting, you will feel lag.
Test it please. Use another device (just to avoid the excuse from kabam, "its a third party app fault") to chat with an alliance member to tell him when to help you. Start a quest, fight and you will see that you only feel lag when he presses the bitton to help you.

So the question is...
When will kabam solve this?


  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    Yep, only time I really have issues with lag is when I have a huge back-log of champs waiting for helps.

    At this point, I've learned that I cannot fight through any meaningful fights (AW/AQ/Master Quests) if I have requested helps on a stack of champs. It basically means that I shut down arena grinding during AQ and AW.
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    If anything, this just proves that the game is transmitting something during the fights. Do the helps have to be transmitted RIGHT NOW and lag the $#!+ out of the game while you're fighting, or can this be added to the "Loading" screen queue in between fights?
  • 187187 Posts: 51
    Twittwit wrote: »
    Game still lagging still auto closes still crashes champs in a dance off after a special activation blocking still not fixed drops when holding parry still broken do I need to continue really kabam get staff that can fix things instead of saying they have arena is worse for lagging especially when aq aw starts

    LOL Kabam could hire a whole team of the best software engineers on earth, considering the tons of money they make everyday. everything you mention is 100% planned, designed and wanted. bugs increase their revenues.

    the only other option would be, that their developers are incompetent af. but then again, they have all the money to hire better ones. that the various bugs indeed continue to exist, proves the above.
  • Willjackson16Willjackson16 Posts: 289 ★★
    I’m glad I didn’t have to write a new post about this just today I was frozen in war for a few seconds then when it caught up it closed and I lost half my health the lag the bugs need to be fixed before adding new stuff they need to pull there heads out there arses and fix this broken game
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