Is war scoring system still bugged?

We have been doing off season wars for the loyalty and our rating has dropped. I thought off season didn't affect your rating. Also..its still showing +14/+15 for a win and -25 for a loss. So 2 losses and you have to win almost 4 times just to make up the points?


  • Pit_0f_MiseryPit_0f_Misery Posts: 74

  • Kibble001Kibble001 Posts: 58
    To my knowledge offseason wars still affected rating unless you were in tier 5 and above and hit the offseason cap. For anyone else…normally…offseason meant you got half the win/loose points to avoid anyone jumping too quickly.

    So what you are seeing should be normal. Now this week, if they fixed it, you should see double the points during season.
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