Nightcrawler "tweaking" buff idea

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I don't actually know much about Nightcrawler and sure many would have get ideas on the champs.

For me I just use him a little in Arena, and even then I find it so what not enjoyable. When in battle, all I like to do is being able to switch mode affectively, but finding currently very unreliable (well as least for me anyway) and slightly long. I find Parry and dash is not enough time to switch, Nightcrawler is either Evade (by himself) or get hit by the Def heavy. So far the only way I find effective, is bait a heavy from the Def, and while they do they heavy, dash back to try to switch.

I would imagine it would make Nightcrawler much more usable if his switching time is reduce slightly.

This could be a good little "buff" that might not require a lot of resource, perfect when the Kabam team don't have a lot of time to do a big, proper buff.
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    This would make him a weaker defender and I doubt he would receive any more offense use from this. If all that’s all that’s stopping you from using him their is a synergy that lets him start off in attack mode I believe it’s with Havok.
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    I seriously read this as nightcrawler twerking!!
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