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Havok vs Spiderham SP3 damage disparity

So fighting Spiderham on Node #49 in AW using Havok. Havok’s sp3 with 25% prof x boost, 30% champion boost, 15% attack boost, 12% special damage, and the 20% boost from the slider, lays waste to all other champions. Usually in the 60-75% range if not more. But against spiderham with his special SP3 graphic it did about 40% damage. With the 200% class power boost, Havok’s power return should have filled all 3 power bars back up. It didn’t, it just barely filled two. The 1 hit spiderham sp3 graphic seems to be the difference causing this, as Havok’s typical sp3 is 3 visible hits. There’s something wrong here. Any thoughts here? Something I’m missing?


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    AverageDesiAverageDesi Posts: 5,260 ★★★★★
    Spiderham reduces special attack damage with his nonsense charges it something
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    Teds_1_RoosterTeds_1_Rooster Posts: 41
    Huh! Missed that. Sure buried that at the bottom of a paragraph in the middle of a multi paragraph explanation. Thanks, glad I didn’t send a ticket.
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