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Since the update I am getting this constantly while playing last months main even quest on Uncollected difficulty when trying to advance to the next quest (e.g. clicking on Play Next at the quest end rewards pop up screen). Anyone else seeing this?
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    Same. Its super annoying. I have a few paths left and it's not letting me finish it.
  • this is happening to me in the last 2 days. if you fully close the game and then reopen it should allow you back into EQ
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    Happened to me when I hit the replay button for EQ. Had to reload the game as it wouldn't let me go back into EQ, it just kept popping up
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    Same thing happened to me..
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    There are already a few posts on this. In the general section and bug section.
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    Happened to me with EOP. Restart fixed it.
  • Hey there everyone, the team is working on making a fix for this issue and getting it implemented for everyone as soon as possible. There is a thread going for it here, where we'll be updating everyone as soon as we have new info to share.
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