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Missing Flexing Crystals

Roqbone97Roqbone97 Posts: 42
edited September 2022 in Bugs and Known Issues
Anyone not seeing their flexing crystal shards? I not seeming mine at alll.
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  • PsychoakumaPsychoakuma Posts: 564 ★★
    yep I can see I have 5,250 shards when clicking on the objectives, but it doesn't show up in the crystal screen. Also an issue for a few of my mates, while others don't have this issue
  • BlueggBluegg Posts: 16
    Same here. Crystals seem bugged and are not appearing in my stash.

    Any update @Kabam Miike ?
  • Deandc43Deandc43 Posts: 51
    I am missing mine also and put in a issue with kabam
  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 7,751 ★★★★★
    Still not fixed. Bunch of threads back in bugs now. Apparently they know about it and are working on it.

    Dr. Zola
  • Yep having same problem, been since 8.30pm last evening the 7th sept 2022, ever since new update, other things keep happening too, like half way or very close to end of fight, message loads saying internet connection lost then fight restarts but enemy fight now passive
  • I was wondering ho many did the legendary side quest complete, as that’s when it all started for that is.
  • Bugmat78Bugmat78 Posts: 1,819 ★★★★★
    *Came in to make sure I wasn't alone, nods*
  • WarlockjrWarlockjr Posts: 586 ★★
    worked for me and also I have no luck with those damn crystals
  • Qwerty12345Qwerty12345 Posts: 686 ★★★
    "Glad to see" its others too. When I saw some youtubers doing their thing, the icons were definitely there and they were claimed in objectives. I don't recall seeing one scroll to the right tab in crystals... but it definitely "used to work" and then subsequently broke minutes to hours after the release (hard to tell exactly when they recorded their activities).

    While the shards earned are being accumulated under "missing item blah blah blah"... and I have some faith those will show up when fixed... its also important to get the calendar working, and get people any missing shards.

    Unlike when calendars failed twice in the past (most recently when adding paragon weekly calendar)... the idea of "just losing a day" doesn't apply, as there is a fixed number of days/crystals, and missing day 1 really missing the last day of the calendar, and missing out on the formation at the end thus a whole crystal.
  • The team's working on getting a fix for this ready for everyone as quickly as possible. Will update once we can give a more definitive time estimate.
  • JadedJaded Posts: 5,476 ★★★★★
    edited September 2022
    Where’s my crystals, all work and no crystals makes jaded a…😂

  • Deacon03Deacon03 Posts: 234 ★★★
    Any updates?
  • mbracembrace Posts: 708 ★★★
    Same here. I didn’t even know I had any shards until I hovered over the icon on the objectives screen. I do not see a way to claim or use these shards.
  • nolcuNnolcuN Posts: 158 ★★
    Maybe you guys can check out mirrorverse in the meantime. It's disney day and there is a free crystal. 😬
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