To fully participate in the upcoming Banquet's Alliance Event you will need to be in your alliance for 14 days prior to the event's start date on December 20th. That means, stay in your alliance from December 6th onwards to enjoy all there is to offer in the Banquet event.
**Not Another Anime Reference Solo Event Returning**
This solo event has been fixed and will appear in game again on December 10th and will run through the 17th.
Reminder: This event is available to Paragon+ Summoners

Do you want play again grandmaster gauntlet?

All should be able to play gauntlet another time
Kabam cannot try to fix issues when players are playing it
It isn’t correct that some players can take advantage of kabam errors and others are penalized

Do you want play again grandmaster gauntlet? 49 votes

Reset gauntlet
MasterSmokeccrider474duallTyFrankWhitecausticGarloBrokenCap366mikeimp123Gogeta91199AleorAmaadAkiraSCP1504GoDlyZorSpadeHunterMother_Flerkennik123456789Tempest_024Aomine_Daiki10Ganesh10a 32 votes
Fix gauntlet
Emil_LimsonyossCassyEch238Denzel116BeeweeElibudNichj99GinjabredMonstaNotoriousAdaySkyLord7000ShenkSearmenisAntzRodzShivacruxKnullvoid235Oriz 17 votes


  • Knullvoid235Knullvoid235 Posts: 158
    Fix gauntlet
    I was hoping to rank up apoc for it but imma wait until it's out correctly. It'd be my first try
  • TheromeTherome Posts: 44
    Reset gauntlet
    Yes! SI no sería totalmente injusto para el resto de los usuarios.
  • ChatterofforumsChatterofforums Posts: 1,774 ★★★★★
    You can run it as many times as you would like, so go for it. Will you get rewards each time, obviously not.
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