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Battle Grounds progression

It does not appear to be progressing you through the ranks. I was at bronze III and won two matches and it promoted me to bronze II, but when I entered the match it showed me at bronze III. I have won 10 straight and this cycle continuously promoted me, but then continued to show me as bronze III.


  • GeoradGeorad Posts: 54
    Same to me. First won gave me one medal. And second one... The same first medal. No progress
  • AntzRodzAntzRodz Posts: 255 ★★

    I have 6 straight matches and yet it's bronze 3 .. i have no Idea how to get to bronze 2 .. if someone can help to mJe it understandable in better way.. Thanks
  • XSquadXSquad Posts: 134 ★★
    Progression in solo and alliance require using elders mark. Any match should progress in vicotry tracks. Mine is also stuckk at Bronze III
  • GeoradGeorad Posts: 54
    I think it's better to stop playing. Just wasting energy. Calling moderator.🤪
  • MityAntMityAnt Posts: 150

    Are any of you showing progression in either the solo BG event or alliance BG event?

    Its behind a paywall… :s
  • Wicket329Wicket329 Posts: 2,215 ★★★★★
    Same, I got a little cinematic telling me I’d made it to Bronze II, but when I queued back in I was Bronze III again.
  • Vergeman78Vergeman78 Posts: 132 ★★
    edited September 2022
    And what happens to our progress while the game wasn’t working? Those wins not count?
  • ChiliDogChiliDog Posts: 861 ★★★
    edited September 2022
    I just went 2 for 2 to Bronze 2 and realize energy doesn't give you jack, just elder marks. Wth kabam, what a joke.
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