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6.5m Alliance has one spot

Fun easy going alliance with lots of veterans taking it sort of easy is looking for one player to join our ranks. We hit almost all events except arena events without minimums. No donations we run Map 3 and map 2. We focus on Arena and have only lost 4 since we created alliance 3 months ago.
Looking for either vets looking to chill from the grind of Map 5 but still looking to earn enough rewards to grow steadily in a well run alliance. Or looking for 100k wish players looking to move up a little and have opportunity to grow fast without having to spend a ton to keep up in Map 5.
We use line ap it is a must if you are interested PM me at samcm010 on Line ap.


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    samcmsamcm Posts: 23
    We hit SA 6-20% at lest every other time and 21-40% if not. Also have boss killers and very strong AW defense and are hovering around tier 5 and 6
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    samcmsamcm Posts: 23
    If your struggling with under performing alliance and want to grow we are a great place for mid level players Pm me I can put you in touch with our players they can share how well run we are.
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    samcmsamcm Posts: 23
    just to clarify we hit SA every week no holding
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