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Mastery loadout not working in BG

So I've created a deck and recovered my Attack and Proficiency masteries from my usual suicide 30/21/8 setup to a mystic dispersion/limber one at 22/21/16

I did check the deck and applied the mastery loadout - it clearly says 22/21/16 on the "Your battle deck" screen. I then changed back to my usual suicide setup and when I started a match it was the one that was used.
Tested today (so after 24 hours since the BG was released) and still my current suicide setup is used instead of the one indicated on the screen...


  • gohard123gohard123 Posts: 939 ★★★
    Same issue. I set my loadout as non-recoil masteries but when I do BGs, the recoil masteries are there
  • RondizzlerRondizzler Posts: 2
    edited September 13
    I'm going through the same thing. It's kinda frustrating I bought and spent the units to do this. I would rather just get my 1000 units back. I feel like this isn't going to get fixed anytime soon.
  • Kairo100Kairo100 Posts: 3
    Same here. Very frustrating as it takes close to 80 units, on top of the 1000 units, to switch mysteries and I've had to do it a couple times as I thought I made a mistake instead of the obvious answer that it was a bug.
  • gohard123gohard123 Posts: 939 ★★★
    Can someone please respond to this? It’s a major issue with the mode
  • DestroyerDestroyer Posts: 130
    Could you guys sticky this issue to the top? I assume this is a bug for all? Thanks.
  • gohard123gohard123 Posts: 939 ★★★
    This is infuriating because I got confirmation from two CCP members that Kabam are aware of the bug and it is a major issue but they haven’t acknowledged it on the Bugs section in their dedicated forum.
    Why do I have to disturb other members of the community to get a response on a major issue?
  • DestroyerDestroyer Posts: 130
    Can someone please let us know that game team is aware of this and are looking into it? Thanks.
  • MrFullStopMrFullStop Posts: 89 ★★
    wasted 1k units to not waste units resetting masteries back and forth, still had to use units to revert back to normal.
    also, 3k units is very expensive for one page of mastery loadout, especially it's only for BG rather than all contents
  • MrSakuragiMrSakuragi Posts: 710 ★★★
    Destroyer said:

    Can someone please let us know that game team is aware of this and are looking into it? Thanks.

    From another thread on the same issue

  • MorghaxorMorghaxor Posts: 17
    edited September 16
    Oh... Android users also need to wait until next week for this?
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