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Let's talk about wiccan

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Wiccan and Hulkling are the champions that will be in the balance program next month. If the situation with Hulkling is understandable (he is a strong character who is very useful in wars), then the situation with Wiccan is more complicated. I'd like to see it get stronger and I'll try to explain why.

Let me start by saying that Vic is pretty good. Seriously. In some places they can, I'll shock you, have fun. He has a neutralize, which means he is the third neutralizer character in the game (Purgatory doesn't exist, Purgatory doesn't exist...). He has immunities to reverse control and armor penetration, he can restore health in battle and simply activate a huge amount of incinerates or shocks.

Everything seems to be fine, but the devil is in the details. Let's start with the most obvious - damage. It can be quite high. But, unfortunately, this is not the case in most cases. To get it, you need the enemy to have a huge amount of buffs, or for the fight to last long enough, by the standards of alliance wars, in my opinion. Survival. This is Vic's biggest weakness. he doesn't actually have it. This is just an average character in this matter. If you take into account the very low base health, reduced physical resistance and average block skill, then the picture will not be very pleasant. Yes, he has a defensive spell, but it actually just removes the weakness to physical attacks.Why did I call Vic a slightly good character? because he has a great level of control. Neutralization is a very powerful thing, in addition, he can keep it on the enemy for the entire fight. As a reminder, he can also block misses when the neutralize is active, but this requires synergy. Are you not enough? it can activate the slow on the enemy. Also in synergy, but this one is worse than the last one for two significant reasons: for this you need to activate 2 special attacks; for this you need to use Loki, an extremely unpopular character due to his low efficiency.

Why does Wicca need to be strengthened? There are a few characters in the game that don't have particularly high damage and/or survivability, but do have significant control. Spiderman 2099 is an example of this. Competition. As a reminder, there are three playable Neutralizers in the game: Tiger, Rintra, and Vic. Tigra has huge damage, interesting and effective miss mechanics, but she is quite a difficult character. Rintra has definitely lower damage, but it has a much higher survivability and is also very easy to use (just watch Mike's video, this bull works wonders).Tigra also has some interesting synergies, but it doesn't make much sense to single them out, because they are rarely used anywhere. Do you notice that these two champions are "slightly" stronger than our main guest? I think so too. Against the backdrop of this duo, Wiccan simply has nothing to offer. Yes, synergy miss block, yes, he can recover all the energy damage he received during the fight. But firstly: blocking misses is possible only in synergy. With a good champion, but in synergy. Secondly, Wiccan's regeneration is a green Wong mandala, but weaker. much weaker. I am generally silent about the supreme magician, although there is a different situation. And what is the result?We have a character whose abilities could be really cool, and whose fighting style is very flexible, but it just doesn't make sense. At the time of its appearance in the basic crystals, there will be a rintra there, moreover, a month earlier. Again, I am silent about the tiger. situation: I opened a crystal, maybe even a chosen one, a Wiccan fell out. And why do I need it, I have a tiger? Why should I spend resources on it? Yes, I will use it in the arena, but there is nowhere else to use it, for the most part. In theory, he is good, but not needed, and this should not be, if only for the reason that he has great animations.

How can this be fixed or changed. Of course, I have a number of suggestions. First, we need to increase the effectiveness of the debuffs. Where there were a lot of buffs on the enemy, incinerates do an excellent job, and where the shock is, the situation is difficult. My suggestion is to increase the damage dealt by Shock Debuffs by 100-150%. It looks very slick. Even a little too much, so you need to set limits: the enemy can have a maximum of 30-35 personal shock debuffs. in fact, this will double the Wiccan's acceleration in fights where the enemy has no or very few buffs. Survival.Here I want to change just a couple of points. This is mainly about his defensive spell. I would like to see it increase not only the energy and physical resistances, but also the armor indicator, respectively. secondly, I would like to increase its efficiency by 50-75%, although maybe 30% will be enough.Well, now the most delicious thing is control, but here the situation revolves around the signature ability and synergies. First, let the hulkling synergy be in the signature ability. A mystique character that blocks misses from the start of combat on its own. Interesting, isn't it? what to do with hulkling? Does anyone remember decelerate debuff? I remember. Have a Brake Debuff active with 25% effectiveness for each active spell on the enemy. Somewhere I saw something similar. Oh yes, his uncle. interesting family. If we have braking, then why do we need to slow down. Change synergy again, this time with Loki. And let's have fun: now (if anyone will listen to me, I hope) the Neutralization Debuff is being replaced with a Passive Curse Debuff that deals 1% of Base Attack. For all Wiccan abilities, a curse debuff counts as a neutralization debuff. Wiccan will now have buffs as well. fun.

As a result, we will have a character with a neutralization, miss block, dodge, unstoppable and excellent direct energy damage. Now, there will be three neutralizers that are fundamentally different, but have one thing in common. Yes, at the moment in the war of alliances, even in this form, Wicca will not be used. energy damage doesn't play well with the global conduit buff.

ozhet byt' v sleduyushchey zhizni

Finally, I would like to thank the person who read this. If is one of the developers, doubly grateful. If this is actually implemented, I take my hat off to you. And a little disclaimer: I used Google translate for this post, so don't be too harsh on the wording. Originally it would have been 10/10. Next month I will do something similar about gorra, because there is a similar situation

P.s. I should start a YouTube channel...maybe in the next life

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    I'd like Wiccan a lot more if they just increased his health 20% and his attack 20%, or more of course.
  • 13579rebel_13579rebel_ Posts: 1,341 ★★★
    Wait, purgatory has neutralize?
  • SkyLord7000SkyLord7000 Posts: 3,723 ★★★★★

    Here are some returns…

    Use them
  • DeaconVelvetDeaconVelvet Posts: 3,224 ★★★★★

    Wait, purgatory has neutralize?

    yes she does
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    That’s a text block. Bro it’s not inviting to read
  • Please dont disrespect Purgatory like that. I keep seeing gameplay of people using her wrong. Her dmg is pretty darn good and her utility while it can be a bit situational have come in so handy plenty of times for me
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