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What 5*’s to rank?

Need some help on what 5 stars I should rank up further. Im on 5.3.


  • TheBair123TheBair123 Posts: 5,201 ★★★★★
    would definitely pour resources into hercules. other than that, your 5*s aren't amazing. i would try ihulk and diablo out and see how you like them
  • max doom or after dupe rank ihulk
  • Iron_J3Iron_J3 Posts: 169

    Need some help on what 5 stars I should rank up further. Im on 5.3.

    Doom, Herc, iHulk, Rogue and Phoenix. Maybe Hawkeye. I am biased as I really like Rogue. I’m on 5.1 and have nowhere near your 5 star roster! I have few and they all suck. Except my Hperion and Mr Negative. But, I find my 4* 4/40 or 5/50 are better than my 5* 1/25 or 2/25. I grind arena, do monthly stuff, AQ and such. How did you get that many 5*?

  • IamFlashJLIamFlashJL Posts: 11
    Hercules for sure.
    You won't regret it
  • PowerOfACandlePowerOfACandle Posts: 224
    Hercules because getting 5* awakening gems has become easier now.
  • LordSmasherLordSmasher Posts: 768 ★★★★
    Doom and Herc
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