Guillotine 2099 knockout mechanic not working

iPhone 13 Pro Max
iOS 15.6
Cellular data
MCOC version 36.2.1
Story 8.1
Guillotine 2099
No Boosts

When opponent is below 5% Guillotine 2099 knockout mechanic isn’t working. Last fight was against 8.1.3 The Overseer and he was at 4% when my SP3 was launched and when it was over, he was still at 4% and he immediately launched his SP3 and I was KO’d. Is anyone else experiencing this same thing? @kabammiike @kabamjax @richtheman


  • JerryJiverJerryJiver Posts: 88
    Is that the overseer on the rage 1.5 lane? If so, the l3 didn’t knockout b/c of the damage cap.
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