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recruitment for alliance Nyc TerrorSquad

we are looking for new members that are active and play everyday we are a strong alliance that is receiving 5 and 4 star shards in summoner advancement and war..
we require at least 75k or better for hero rating and at least 8 4 stars rank 4 or higher

we are a group who are very active and tear through any quest or event as well as war currently tier 6 for rewards


  • Da_Truth27Da_Truth27 Posts: 12
    must be able to complete map 3 or 4 one path 100%.... we do two battlegroups for alliance quests.. we also require a communications app... the more ppl to join the better we are
  • Da_Truth27Da_Truth27 Posts: 12
    our alliance name is Nyc TerrorSquad [NycTs]

    and i am the leader da_truth27
    add me
  • Da_Truth27Da_Truth27 Posts: 12
  • M1MM1M Posts: 22
    What a TERRIBLE name for an alliance. I lived in NYC during 9/11 and think it’s really gross to call yourselves NYC TERROR SQUAD.
  • Da_Truth27Da_Truth27 Posts: 12
    who cares what u think or what the name refers i still live in nyc so go somewhere else with that
  • Well that’s one way to make yourself an attractive alliance
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