2* Mags Has No Pre-Fight?

Brought him into the new rift only to find out you aren’t able to select his pre-fight ability. Is this intended as his description clearly states he should have it.

ps. Just before this my 6* Mags didn’t have any issues applying it to Kraven in this month’s EQ.


  • Were you doing that for the “Team under 20,000” objective ?

    I tested and verified that 2* Wh.Mags does NOT have his pre-fight Ability like he should.

    Only 3* and above seems to have it.

    I guess I missed his update when they added that. I’ve been bringing Nick Fury when I want a single champ extra boost for rest of Hero team. Wh.Mags pre-fight is another great alternative, and gets passive Stun instead of debuff on a Parry for all your Hero or Metal champs (another plus). Wow.

  • buffajrbuffajr Posts: 411 ★★
    Yep, was going for the objective when I found it.
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