Who to awaken?

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Hi, I have 6 star mutant awakening gem. Pls help me choose who shall I awaken?

Who to awaken? 27 votes

Red Magneto
Ragnarok13ReignkingTWPatMcGloinLickyPowerOfACandleAxew 6 votes
Praneeth_SP616ChiefhobYogesh_123Bazzingaaa 4 votes
Ewell65SSS69GrassKnuckles 2 votes
Sw0rdMasterMoosetiptronicAmaadAkiraTrubluMateRenaxqqCaptain_obvious1Gr8TonyStarkStebo_79Dvl12776OakenshieldWasy1willrun4adonutZAHIDMALIK158813579rebel_abelardo 15 votes
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    I waited for Kitty. She's an absolute beast and worth the wait
  • TitoBandito187TitoBandito187 Posts: 2,028 ★★★★
    I held 2 of mine. Got tired of waiting and used one for Apoc for prestige (wasted it, but like to see him in my profile after all this time). The 2nd went to Kitty. I had them a loooong time. Gave up waiting on AA and pulled Kitty last week so she got it and so far, liking her a lot so am glad I waited. I have an R3 Bishop and Magneto and an R2 OG storm (who hits like a truck duped with horsemen activated) and have been tempted on all of them, but honestly feel like if you have a gem, it should go to one of the newer mutants (or AA) who really does need it.

    Magneto doesn't need it. He kills everything with an Sp3 anyway. The extra damage on heavy and reduced damage taken is nice, but certainly not needed.

    Colossus - if you don't have a 5* already, could be an OK option. I loved my 5* Colossus for quite some time. His immunities are excellent, he handles Havok's and NF's. He's a tank and hits super hard... but after awhile I got tired of parry, heavy and have many of those counters in other champs now too. If you like him and plan to invest sigs in him, he's a very respectable champ. Only problem, is the mutant class is so stacked now, he doesn't get the same love anymore.

    Sunspot would be a complete waste. A waste of all wastes IMHO. Sorry SunSpot fans. Mine was my first R3 and I have almost never used him and not missed him one bit.
  • Stebo_79Stebo_79 Posts: 618 ★★★
    Out of those Colossus. But like others have said, you should hang onto it until you get AA or Kitty.
  • OakenshieldOakenshield Posts: 937 ★★★
    Hold it. If you have to use it for some reason (expiring or whatever) then Colossus
  • UsagicassidyUsagicassidy Posts: 156 ★★
    Red Mags and Colossus are great but they don’t *need* to be awakened. Definitely wait.
  • Bossman9Bossman9 Posts: 23
    Thanks for your response guys, totally appreciate it
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