8.5M Alliance, Looking for 1, AQ 5x5 (92m typical), AW (tier 4-6 typical), Line App Req

- 8.5M Alliance
- AQ 5 x Map5, typical score 90m+
- AW, typically tier 4-6
- Donations not hardline, but some donations expected. Aim is 135k gold, 30k BC, 12,500 Loyalty per week.
- Line App Req
- Alliance tag [P.Cs4]
- Add me in the game if interested, "Greek Beek"

** NOTE, ideally looking for someone with some "blue titles" achieved to demonstrate ability to run AQ 5x5.


  • bump. looking to make switch after AQ rewards today.
  • Looking for 1 today, dec 13
  • I don't have any blue titles. 200k summoner with map 5 experience. Tier 5 highest alliance way tier I've been in. Not super familiar with the nodes, but I can read. In looking for a home after SA rewards as my alliance officers are leaving because of the inconsistency of members. Active summoner unless I work nights which is usually the weekends. IGN is juggaloblack if you'd like to check out my profile. Same name in line as well if you'd like to chat.
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