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    The image that is too late was 6* Odin and I clicked scorpion on accident I wanted 2099 but they’re both good so oh well

    was an

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    Llessur said:

    The image that is too late was 6* Odin and I clicked scorpion on accident I wanted 2099 but they’re both good so oh well

    was an

    Contact support. I accidentally clicked on a champ from a crystal and they swapped the around for me. As long as you haven’t ranked them up you should be fine.

    Scorpion is better though.
  • DemonicStalkerDemonicStalker Posts: 244 ★★
    i open 23 6* feat crystals prior and only duped qs and got gorr n duped him...and then i bought all 5 peni parker deals..i got galan, valkyrie. sw (classic), duped mr neg and duped gorr again... seriously...
  • Luk3mZLuk3mZ Posts: 5
    edited November 2022

    First time dupes on Wiccan and miles too, best $25 bucks I ever spent on this game!
  • Webhead055Webhead055 Posts: 11
    4 6* Titanias, 1 6* Knull, and a 6* scorpion. Took Titania straight to rank 4.Not a bad weekend.
  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 4,508 ★★★★★
    Of these 6*s, all but Valkyrie and Drax came over the weekend:

  • Spent just under $100 and used 3k units for:
    • 6* Rintrah (new)
    • 6* Venom (new)
    • 6* Havok (new)
    • 6* Ghost (new)
    • Brought Rintrah to R3
    • Brought existing 6* Ultron to R3
    • Brought existing 6* Void to R3
    • 5* Nimrod (new)
    • 5* Shang Chi (dupe)
    • Awakened existing 5* R5/65 Doom with gem
    • Brought existing 5* R5 Havok to 65 (LOL before I pulled 6*)
    • Added 50 sig stones to existing 5* R5/65 Thing
    More $$ than I planned to spend but I think well worth it in terms of value within the game economy. Next up will be upgrading 6* Wiccan and King Groot (existing).
  • OakenshieldOakenshield Posts: 1,008 ★★★
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    I had some pretty damn amazing pulls on my first run. Peter ParkerX5, 1 Odin, so a number of featured crystals and 2 Cosmic Nexus 10 selectors. Have been having pretty poor luck with the featured up until today, but obviously that changed…

    Also got a first dup on my Hulkling. Couple of WS and Starlord dups, but definitely not complaining.

    My final pulls of the event were also great.

    Pulled Shang Chi and duped my Crit Monkey from a pair of Skill Nexus Abyss crystals (held them for today for shots at Valkerie). Also pulled a Mystic awakening gem for my Rintrah, which made me very happy. Then grabbed Prof X from the 2020 selector.

    Overall great cyber weekend for me - thanks Kabam and RNG gods.

  • HulkbusterN1HulkbusterN1 Posts: 112

    Wanted nimrod so badly from these abyss nexuses. Didn’t get him from the original one, also didn’t get him now☹️
  • bm3eppsbm3epps Posts: 1,044 ★★★
    This was the hardest pick ever in recent times for me. I have always wanted 6* Ultron, but I like Nimrod more. I chose Nimrod and immediately took him to R4.
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