Rewards Requiring You To Be In The Alliance

Since the addition of more than one type of alliance mode, it’s always been an issue that some alliance events require you to be a member of the alliance to receive the rewards for said alliance event, even after said event has finished.

In some instances, this is a minor issue. In other instances (such as when an AQ week ends and rewards don’t drop before next war starts) players have to miss out on a “small” set of rewards in order move.

Since the addition of Battlegroups, which currently hold some of the best rewards in game, this has highlighted this issue - in around 20 days the current season of Battlegrounds will end, but the next season of Alliance Wars will start in 21 days unless there is a delay. Based on the previous time gap between end of Battleground season and rewards dropping, it seems likely players will have to remain in alliances to receive the rewards they have earned.

Considering the expansion of the amount of game modes, and Kabams supposed desire for Quality Of Life improvements, can we expect a fix that allows players to leave alliances when the current BG season ends but prior to the next season of Alliance War and still not miss out on anything? Or is this too obvious of a QoL improvement to hope for?


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    Woody141082Woody141082 Posts: 225 ★★
    I’ve brought this issue to attention before, when we had to wait for the last set of BG rewards to come out and I wanted to make changes within my alliance. I wouldn’t hold your breath
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    Just leave after war rewards and you'll be in a new alliance long enough to get their BG rewards. Does suck how AW and BGs can't be synced better rewards wise because quite a few alliances will be screwed unable to recruit in off-season and having the recruit a week into season after the BG people leave.
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    FurrymoosenFurrymoosen Posts: 2,225 ★★★★★
    There are 2 decent problems that if adjusted or corrected could help fix this issue.
    The first problem is the significant time gap between BG season ending and rewards being sent out. Until Kabam can get into a rhythm that prevents excessive time to get rewards out it will be difficult to line things up properly. The most realistic solution to this would be to line up AW and BG seasons, but that leads to our second problem.
    Players that play BG regularly already don’t enjoy the fact that the game mode is taken down entirely during the week long off-season, so extending that to two weeks is a non-starter. If Kabam can make BG continue during off-season for participation rewards (48h challenges) and practice, just like they do for AW, then that solves problem #2. If they can keep the mode up during off-season, then they could probably just line them up, but there’s no indication to this point that that is likely to happen.
    There’s also a 3rd problem of Kabam ignoring the cries of the majority and doing nothing to adjust the monotonous AQ week and keeping it on an 8-day cycle. It’s uneven and constantly gums up the works a bit unless it happens to line up perfectly that week.

    One solution could be to extend the BG season to 5 weeks and line it up with AW, with BG starting in the second week of AW off-season and both seasons ending together, or starting at the same time and BG extending one week into the AW off-season to break up the hunt for cheaters. Of course for this to work Kabam would need to solve for the BG reward delay because the absurd schedule of AQ would allow only 2-3 days on either end of the week both modes are off to switch and if those days are in the beginning of the week then people are screwed.

    Best and least likely solution:
    AW and BG seasons line up and BG remains active during off-season for participation rewards and practice. AQ is reduced to a matching 7-day cycle with no more than 4 active days, maintaining current 3-day rest period.

    We can only hope.
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    HipocerosHipoceros Posts: 88
    Another solution could be that the player carry with himself the alliance bg points as he does with his solo points. It can help the player to get in in better alliances and the leadership can stop kicking people without care about players contribution to bg event, after all they won some portions of the alliance rewards.
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