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AQ new background very annoying



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    TheParasiteTheParasite Posts: 408 ★★
    @MM1113 mate just see if there is any existing post about it before posting a new one please
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    DrDeadpoolDrDeadpool Posts: 170 ★★
    We needa have this background changed. Brighter than anything to ever exist ever. How tf are we supposed to sneakily do our paths during school/work if this background makes it possible for a phone to be spotted from a mile away. A whole flashbang
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    Manup456Manup456 Posts: 887 ★★★★
    I have so many people not jumping into AQ like normal because of this 😡
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    mbracembrace Posts: 854 ★★★
    Ha, yes, yes is it. I can barely see anything.
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    Naz_786Naz_786 Posts: 150
    Whoever designed this map surely doesn't want us to run aq, like what on earth its soo need to wear shades to actually see the map, single worse background design whoever designed it congrats on getting all these hate comments.
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    sheryfsheryf Posts: 25
    How behind time kabam is doin so bright background. When every newer application brind DARK MODE to save our eyes then KABAM want to destroy it. How you could even get idea of doing this, instead of wasting time for doing shity background take time to deal with cheaters issue in battlegrounds. No more words for this, BRIND OLD MAP or give us a CHOICE TO HAVE DARK MODE BACKGROUND.
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    Nalak8Nalak8 Posts: 387 ★★★
    This background looks like Boom Beach.
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    DrauglinDrauglin Posts: 186 ★★
    I lost vision in my right eye when I first opened map 5 today. Still can’t think good
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    Mario33Mario33 Posts: 477 ★★★
    Did we really wait one week for kabam to makes us get a retinal surgery?
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    MBoguszMBogusz Posts: 98 ★★
    I’ve seen some horrific sights, but none made me want to gouge my eyes out as much as this does
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    CoppinCoppin Posts: 2,601 ★★★★★
    Its obviously in sync with the holidays (snowy xmas) theme... Just deal with it.. its as annoying as hearing xmas music EVERYWHERE; but we'll live...
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    Silver_SagaSilver_Saga Posts: 361 ★★★
    This new screen literally hurts the eyes. Who the hell thought it was a good idea?! This needs to change, asap.
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    DRTODRTO Posts: 1,635 ★★★★★
    Yeah please do not bring this horrible white background back, it was perfectly fine the way it was
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    GigeticusGigeticus Posts: 16
    It's extremely difficult to see the paths and it really hurts my eyes. I have to dim my screen cause the brightness is too much
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    Crine60Crine60 Posts: 1,401 ★★★★
    Danxor said:

    The fact that you didn't file this bug under TOP ISSUES on the Bug board shows how little you care. This screen is so bright it makes it painful to do AQ. Honestly with this map AQ needs to be canceled this week too so it can be fixed.

    It literally triggered a migraine for me just trying to follow the path lines in only the 1st section. Don't know how to play the whole map for the whole series.
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    A lot of phones gonna be overheating from this AQ hahahahah
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    Chris_SummersChris_Summers Posts: 252 ★★
    Horror flashbacks to last month when logging in to get flashbanged by Spot… 😵 <— not dead just my eyes are destroyed
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    FigueFigue Posts: 83
    Sunstruck said:

    Very interested to know who is the designer and who approved it. So annoying to look into the aq screen.

    just look at the sun or a light for a while and then go to AQ lol
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    spidey31415926spidey31415926 Posts: 147
    Is anyone else finding this new white background to be eye straining?

    Kabam could you please revert to a darker background the full on white is... a lot

    If anyone else is finding the new background to be a bit much please leave a comment

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    SnizzbarSnizzbar Posts: 2,161 ★★★★★
    edited December 2022
    Already reported and in the Bugs section
    Kabam Jax said:

    Hey everybody,

    The team is aware of the problems being caused by the AQ background.

    It's on the bug board for now as the team investigates further.

    For now... I recommend turning down your brightness. Or maybe sunglass.


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    spidey31415926spidey31415926 Posts: 147
    I did not know I just wanted to bring it attention my alliance mates and I were all talking about it. Thanks!
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